A Refreshing Solution for Aging Pipes

October 19, 2023

A NuFlow Certified Contractor performed a camera inspection and cleaned each section of the pipe network. In some areas the pipes were so badly corroded that it resulted in a complete void in the bottom half of the pipe. Other areas were not as severe, but still showed signs of deterioration with potential for future problems. They opted to line the entire system to repair the existing damage and prevent future pipe failure.

Revitalizing the Aged Plumbing at an Elementary School

Revitalizing an Aging Elementary School’s Plumbing Infrastructure

October 19, 2023

An aging elementary school facing recurring plumbing issues underwent a remarkable transformation. Partnering with a NuFlow Certified Contractor, they embraced innovative trenchless pipe lining techniques to revitalize over 700 feet of cast iron pipes and a significant reduction in maintenance calls.

CIPP Pipe Lining

NuFlow Is Only Solution for an HOA’s Leaking Pipes in Concrete

September 2, 2022

A luxury condo tower’s horizontal sewer drain lines, inconveniently encased in deep concrete in the ceiling of the parking garage, experienced chronic leaking. The property manager did not know what to do about these aged pipes because a traditional re-pipe would be impossible. He was relieved to learn about NuFlow’s trenchless, pull-in-place, structural lining – […]

NuFlow Repair Drain Line Building

NuFlow Repairs Drain Line for Restaurant in Time for Breakfast

September 2, 2022

Over time, ABS drain lines can succumb to shifting, which causes structural fractures and offsets. Conventional replacement of ABS lines can be very costly, especially when located beneath structural slabs and within facilities that have daily operational businesses. The solution to this in many cases is NuFlow’s patented structural in-situ trenchless solutions.   This 12-story, […]

NuFlow Saved Bottom Floor Residents from Displacement

NuFlow Saved Bottom Floor Residents from Displacement

September 2, 2022

An apartment building’s underground sanitary main line that is located beneath the main hallway and first floor rooms experienced consistent failures. Instead of paying for traditional pipe replacement and thereby causing weeks of construction, inconvenience and resident displacement, the customer chose NuFlow’s patented pipe lining process to rehabilitate their drain lines. NuFlow’s unique solution resulted […]

Condo complex in West Palm Beach

Detailed Planning Leaves a Big Impression

July 12, 2022

Gurgling drains and sewer backups were becoming common occurrences for the homeowners of a condo complex in West Palm Beach. They learned that NuFlow’s pipe lining process was a safe alternative to pipe replacement, but it was the minimal destruction and affordable price that won them over. Gurgling drains and sewer backups were becoming common […]

Pipe Lining Delivers

Pipe Lining Delivers

July 12, 2022

Neither flooding, nor backups, nor sewer smells stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Learn how pipe lining was the clear solution for this Nevada post office. Mail delivery is a non-stop 24-hour operation. After decades of round the clock production, a mail sorting facility in Nevada needed some major repairs. […]


Seeing is Believing

June 14, 2022

The busy kitchen at a 400-room hotel in Tampa didn’t have time for drain backups. But when their grease lines began causing problems, they called a NuFlow Certified Contractor for a camera inspection. The video results of the inspection showed such serious buildup and corrosion that the hotel decided immediately to camera other parts of […]


Hospital Calls for a Second Opinion

May 24, 2022

Drainage backups and pipe failures were becoming common disruptions to the medical staff and maintenance team. The hospital’s engineering partner initially considered replacing the aging pipes. But pipe replacement risked contamination from construction dust and debris into sensitive areas of the hospital.

Las Vegas Food Court

Las Vegas Food Court Remains Open During Pipe Lining

May 17, 2022

During a renovation for this mall, the customer wanted to repair a horizontal grease line that services the restaurant kitchens in the food court.  Part of the 4” diameter cast iron grease line goes through a 2ft thick concrete wall. They decided to use NuFlow’s non-invasive pipe lining instead of the pipe replacement. The NuFlow technicians utilized several existing access points to clean and retrofit this horizontal grease line. The job was completed in one day, as opposed to the weeks of work a traditional repipe would have taken.

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