Your NuFlow Team Roster

Our Team is here for you. At NuFlow, we believe in helping others as individuals and as a team. We each have key functions, but on a routine basis, we’ll assist others to make sure our Certified Contractors have all of the necessary backing they need. Please take a moment to become familiar with our staff and feel free to share these contacts with your team. Together we will achieve success!


Angie McCullough

Senior Account Manager
Ajax, ON

Team Member Since 2004.
With her long tenure at NuFlow, Angie has a wealth of information to share with our Certified Contractors. Whether it is a question regarding placing an order, order status, calculating resin and liner quantities to buy, inventory levels, or what tools are available to fit your next project – she is the ready to help.


Grant Duxbury

Technical Field Consultant Supervisor
Sarasota, FL

Team Member Since 2003.
Throughout his tenure with NuFlow, Grant has been a Project Manager, Regional Manager, and Research and Development Consultant. In his latest role, he oversees our training programs, building training guides and classes. He also as works with our Certified Contractors on specific jobs to help them understand what is needed to be successful. From data gathering, to project planning, to estimating he is here to help support you with what you need.


Grant Whittle

Technical Director
Oxford, AL

Team Member Since 2020.
Grant Whittle has over 25 years of experience within the trenchless rehab industry, with a focus on technical support and performance-based specifications. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has completed the core engineering coursework towards a Masters in Environmental Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. Grant has served on many trenchless industry committees and boards and has authored numerous technical papers. Grant provided the initial concept development for the Penn State PBS documentary "Liquid Assets" and was a team member at Virginia Tech on the USEPA / WERF "" research project.


Gregg Tattersall

Account Manager & Trainer
Rockaway, NJ

Team Member Since 2019.
Gregg has 20 years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry as a technician and as a Field Operations Manager. Before joining NuFlow, he spent 9 years with PRT and is experienced in both large diameter and small diameter lining. He is factory trained and certified on reinstatement cutters for both small and large diameter liners. Gregg is well suited to work with contractors to help them be successful in utilizing many of our technologies.


Ian Ramsay

International Account Manager
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Team Member Since 2021.
Ian has been in the trenchless Industry for over 25 years. Working all over the world with small and large CIPP and condition assessment projects. Previously based in Asia and USA, Ian has worked on specifications, product approvals, as well as supporting/training and project managing various contractors and municipalities. Ian has presented workshops on QA/QC, condition assessment, as well as technical papers at a variety of conferences and special events throughout the world and is Vice Chair of the UKSTT (United Kingdom Society of Trenchless Technology) and a board member of the ISTT (International Society of Trenchless Technology).


Rich Cristi

Account Manager
Seminole, FL CA

Team Member Since 2022.
Rich brings with him nearly 14 years of experience in the CIPP industry. His top priority is to create strong relationships and provide exceptional customer service to our network of Certified Contractors. Rich has worked with plumbers, drain cleaners, excavators, and municipalities from Florida to Maine, with a wide range of applications for both small and large diameter lining and reinstatement.


Josh Victorino

Director of Sales
San Diego, CA

Team Member Since 2010.
Josh has served many roles at NuFlow - Project Manager, Foreman, Regional Project Manager and training worldwide. In addition, he has 17 years in the plumbing industry prior to joining Nuflow. His experience provides him with wealth of knowledge on installation, job dissemination and execution, and how to be successful in utilizing our CIPP technologies.


Marissa Melanese

Special Projects Coordinator
San Diego, CA

Team Member Since 2016.
Marissa works on a variety of special projects for our team and network of Certified Contractors. Projects include NuFlow Central Administrator, new contractor onboarding, project leads, and tradeshow coordination (to name a few). If you need information on continuing education courses, or when the next webinar is, Marissa is your go-to contact.


Mike Douglass

Account Manager
Placida, FL

Team Member Since 2021.
Mike brings with him over 18 years in plumbing and 12 years in the trenchless pipe lining industry. His broad CIPP experience includes pull-in-place and inversion processes, including rehabilitation of in-building, lateral, and manhole-to-manhole lining projects. He is also well versed in the challenges of running a lining business and is happy to share his expertise with our contractors. In 2019, he became a NuFlow Certified Contractor and immediately recognized the difference that NuFlow offers for its contractors.


Mike Thompson

Technology Field Consultant and Trainerr
San Diego, CA

Team Member Since 2011.
Before joining NuFlow, Mike spent many years as a plumber and pipefitter. Mike is extremely versatile in our technology. His first couple years were on the NuDrain side and before coming on board with NuFlow’s Licensing he was a NuLine Foreman for the most recent years. Mike is a trainer teaching new and existing Contractors about the technology and assisting in job support. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email or call him at any time.


Stuart Stevens

Vice President, US Operations
San Diego, CA

Stuart’s experience includes years in the UK gas industry focusing on domestic and commercial pipework as well as managing multiple CIPP crews in the United States. His primary focus will be working with our Technical and Training Teams to implement new systems and processes to ensure we are leading the industry as the premier CIPP installers.


Steve Medley

Technical Field Consultant Manager
San Diego, CA

Team Member Since 2008.
Steve started with NuFlow as a field technician, site supervisor, and then onto Project Management. He has been heavily involved in Research and Development projects within the company; one being Serline Lead Lining and the second NuFlow 945 Gas Lining. Along with development of resins and machinery, Steve has developed several training packages and Quality Assurance Documents to support the applications out in the field.


Paul Corneil

Research and Development Engineer
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Team Member Since 2004.
Paul was a Project Manager on large and small diameter projects and specialty jobs from 2004-2011. In 2011, Paul began working at the manufacturing facility in Canada, incorporating many of the tools and equipment that he used in the field, as well as overseeing the manufacturing processes. Today Paul’s focus is on design and implementation of new products in the manufacturing process.


Tom Bowman

San Diego, CA

Team Member Since 2011.
Before joining NuFlow, Tom was a Certified Contractor for 11 years, running his own plumbing and pipe lining company in the Chicago area. He combines his passion for the CIPP industry with his experience lining and running a small business, to push NuFlow to the next level. He is always looking for new ways to improve our services to ensure NuFlow a valuable partnership for our Certified Contractors.


Jeff Graff

Senior Account Manager
Safety Harbor, FL

Team Member Since 2022.
Jeff brings with him over 30 years in sales and marketing experience and over 10 years in the CIPP trenchless rehabilitation industry. His background in both large and small diameter lining technologies helps to provide insight to our contractors, building managers/engineers, and municipalities. He has experience with pull-in-place, inversion ambient, heat-assist, and UV cure methods. Beyond representing manufacturers of CIPP equipment and accessories, Jeff has represented CIPP contractors across the US bidding for small and large CIPP projects and can assist contractors in approaching/winning large contracts.


Jason Hentges

Field Technology Consultant
Thompson, GA

Team Member Since 2022.
Jason brings 22 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He has been in the CIPP industry since 2015, using both pull-in-place and inversion methods.

Todd Thertell_a-min

Todd Thertell

Vice President, Canada Operations

Todd has been managing large and small manufacturing facilities for the last 25 years and is well-versed in Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, and continuous improvement practices. We are excited about Todd’s leadership as we implement many of these practices to streamline operations in our manufacturing facility, so we can better serve our Certified Contractors.

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