Revitalizing an Aging Elementary School’s Plumbing Infrastructure

Revitalizing the Aged Plumbing at an Elementary School

An aging elementary school facing recurring plumbing issues underwent a remarkable transformation. Partnering with a NuFlow Certified Contractor, they embraced innovative trenchless pipe lining techniques to revitalize over 700 feet of cast iron pipes and a significant reduction in maintenance calls.

Built in the 1970s, an elementary school in Frankston, Texas, found itself grappling with persistent plumbing issues stemming from its aging infrastructure. Despite recognizing the need for regular maintenance, the school had hesitated due to the potential cost, destruction, and inconvenience associated with a complete pipe overhaul.

The school’s maintenance staff had been relying on a local plumbing company for periodic maintenance and drain cleaning, a service requested an average of two times per month. It was during this ongoing collaboration that the plumbing company became a NuFlow Certified Contractor. Eager to explore innovative solutions, they initiated a conversation with the school’s head of maintenance about the benefits of trenchless pipe lining.

The contractor conducted a comprehensive camera inspection to evaluate the extent of the damage within the existing cast iron pipes. The inspection revealed widespread issues, including channel rot, multiple cracks, decay, and corrosion. Armed with these findings, they presented a detailed project proposal to the school’s board of directors, which was swiftly approved.

The project kicked off with the application of NuDrain cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining to restore both the main line and lateral connections of the plumbing system. To maximize efficiency and accelerate the production timeline, the NuFlow contractor made a strategic investment in a NuCure Cold Cure UV lining system. The introduction of this UV system significantly reduced curing times, enabling them to line a greater length of pipes daily. This newfound momentum propelled the project to completion a few days ahead of schedule.

Upon completion, the dedicated team had successfully rehabilitated over 700 feet of 3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch cast iron pipes within the school’s infrastructure. They managed to finish the project well in advance of the return of students and staff for the new academic year. Remarkably, since the project’s conclusion, there have been no reported instances of drain clogs, a testament to the effectiveness of the trenchless pipe lining solution implemented.




An elementary school built in the 1970s suffered consistent and ongoing clogs and plumbing issues.


They embraced innovative trenchless pipe lining techniques to revitalize over 700 feet of cast iron pipes and a significant reduction in maintenance calls


NuDrain CIPP and NuCure Cold Cure UV with Precision Push/Pull in Place installation

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