Water Pipes

Water pipe problems can cause a lot of headaches, not to mention thousands of dollars in damage.

Watch out for these red flags, they can mean water pipe problems that prove costly. Learn how epoxy pipe lining can fix your pipes for good, and contact your local NuFlow Certified Contractor for help.

  • Warped floors/wet spots
  • Wrinkled or bubbled paint on walls or ceilings
  • Walls that feel damp or cool
  • Sound of water dripping
  • Water has metallic taste or off-color
Copper Pipe Repair

What Causes Leaks?

If your water is acidic, it can cause pinholes to form in the pipes and this causes leaks. These pinhole leaks are the main cause of copper pipe repair.

Age can also cause pinhole leaks. If the leaks happen in a place where they are not visible, you won’t even know they are there until you see water damage and/or mold. Plumbers believe the most common causes of pinhole leaks are:

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Chloramines in the Water System

Chloramines are used to disinfect drinking water, but over time can have a corrosive effect on the pipes that carry it resulting in pinhole leaks or other plumbing issues. 

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