NuFlow’s products are the most versatile. I highly recommend them!

Bob Oates added pipe lining to his business over 12 years ago. He chose NuFlow because he liked the training program they provided to ensure a proper install. Today, Bob’s son-in-law, John, runs the business and still relies on the training and support that NuFlow offers.

“We training and online learning. My team and I reach out to them all the time. If we have a question, they will get it answered.”

As the first NuFlow installer in the Seattle area, they were keen to take advantage of the no-dig technology.

“Not having to dig, really changed the game for us. We have a pipe bursting machine, that has not left the shop in 6 months. Lining is so much easier.”

Now they operate two full-time lining crews and continue to grow their business with NuFlow.
“NuFlow’s products are the most versatile. I highly recommend them!”

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- John Peterson

General Manager of Bob Oates Plumbing in Seattle, WA


It was easy to get started!

When Chris McNulty joined his family’s plumbing company, he was eager to add new technology, like pipe lining, to their list of services. He considered many other pipe lining companies before choosing NuFlow.

“We chose NuFlow because their technology was far better - they were the first company to talk about how to properly clean cast iron and I really liked that we can start and stop anywhere in the system.”
After signing up, Chris quickly realized the benefits of adding pipe lining and he continues to reinvest in NuFlow to grow his business.

“It was easy to get started! We were already doing sewer repair and investigation work, so once we added pipe lining, it just took off. The more lining we did, the more I reinvested in the equipment.”

“In 2016, we closed the plumbing company and opened NuFlow St Louis to focus completely on pipe lining. NuFlow’s training and commitment to staying at the forefront of technology is what helps make us successful.”

Christopher_McNulty_01_a-min (1) (1)

- Chris McNulty

NuFlow St Louis


The culture of NuFlow is what makes this work. They give you a sense of family with the type of support they provide.

Jayson Arendall saw the need to expand and diversify his leak detection business. He chose NuFlow because of their superior products and reputation for outstanding support.

The NuFlow team worked with Jayson to get him up and running, first with hands on technical training and then following up with onsite support.

“One of my very first jobs was really technical. I called NuFlow and they sent two guys out to help me bid and execute the job. Everyone talks about support, NuFlow actually provides it.”

“We are already profitable on our investment, and now we’re getting bigger contract jobs and looking to expand. We love what we are doing!”

Now they operate two full-time lining crews and continue to grow their business with NuFlow.
“NuFlow’s products are the most versatile. I highly recommend them!”


- Jayon Arendall

Trenchless Leak Detection<br> A veteran-owned company serving Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma


I was recommended by another Roto-Rooter Franchise. I tried sample products from other companies, but I wasn’t impressed.

Randy Behle has been a NuFlow Certified Contractor since 1997.
He investigated NuFlow when he was on a nursing home project with a pipe that was almost impossible to dig up and repair.

“We have got to know the NuFlow Team well over the years. We can talk to them about upcoming jobs and walk through all of the steps. They give us regular support over the phone, through classes and from time to time on specific jobs.”

“As soon as I got the first lining
job done, the same nursing home called with another location that was bigger and we more than doubled our initial investment! It took just two jobs to turn a profit.”
“Now I’ve got 15 guys and lining is a major piece of our overall business!”

- Randy Behle
Behle Inc. Premier provider of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services to Ames, IA and surrounding areas

The NuFlow team is experienced and knowledgeable. We make a great team!

When John Perry and his dad, Harley, decided to add pipe lining to their plumbing business, they took their time evaluating partners. “We decided on NuFlow because of the quality of the product. Their product is far superior than all the other companies out there.”

When John attended a NuFlow Annual Summit and met other NuFlow Certified Contractors it was a turning point for his business. “After the summit we designated a crew specifically to pipe lining. Eventually, we had to rebuild our entire plumbing business because our pipe lining took off.”

John still keeps in touch with the NuFlow team and the network of NuFlow Certified Contractors. “Anytime one of us has a question about a job, we can reach out to see what other people have done. The NuFlow team is experienced and knowledgeable. We make a great team!”

John_Perry_02_a-min (1) (1)

- John Perry

Perry Plumbing and Pipelining, A second-generation family-owned business serving San Diego, CA since 1977.


I made my money back on the first job, and then some. That’s no joke.

In his first year as NuFlow Certified Contractor Jeff Lane generated nearly $1 million dollars in lining revenue.

Jeff became a NuFlow Certified Contractor in 2019 after a big company called because of sewer backups. Machinery throughout the warehouse made busting out the concrete floor impossible.
“NuFlow gave me the words of wisdom I needed. We shipped the equipment overnight and they flew out to do our training on the job site. I made my money back on the first job, and then some. That’s no joke.”

Jeff continues to invest in new equipment and grow his team. “Lining is a huge part of my business. It has carried me during this pandemic. I just invested in NuCure CCUV and plan to have three lining crews by this time next year.”

NuFlow’s training and support has been the most valuable part of Jeff’s success in building his lining business.

Jeff’s advice to his fellow plumbers? “Get your guys out of the trenches and make yourself more profitable.”

Jeff_Lane_a-min (1)

- Jeff Lane

King Rooter & Plumber, Expert plumbing, drain, sewer & water heater services. Serving Denver & Boulder, Colorado.


NuFlow is the whole package.

Mike Lomonaco became a NuFlow Certified Contractor in November 2020. After one year with NuFlow, his business has doubled in revenue.
“We more than double our monthly revenue on a regular basis, sometimes up to quadruple revenue versus just plumbing work alone. Instead of subbing out lining work, now we are getting calls from other contractors to do the work.”
Mike did his homework and evaluated many lining companies before choosing NuFlow.

“NuFlow’s product and the process are the best available. It is really hands-on, I like that you can double-check your work and verify tie-ins.”

Mike’s team has taken advantage of NuFlow’s comprehensive training. They’ve completed their initial certification and are already working through advanced training.“The technical support and family atmosphere at NuFlow are really valuable. Being able to call the team and get a response right away is so helpful. NuFlow is the whole package."

Mike_Lomonaco_1_a-min (1)

- Mike Lomonaco

Lomonaco Coast Plumbing San Clemente, CA

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