NuFlow Is Only Solution for an HOA’s Leaking Pipes in Concrete

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A luxury condo tower’s horizontal sewer drain lines, inconveniently encased in deep concrete in the ceiling of the parking garage, experienced chronic leaking. The property manager did not know what to do about these aged pipes because a traditional re-pipe would be impossible. He was relieved to learn about NuFlow’s trenchless, pull-in-place, structural lining – it proved to be the ideal solution.


Corrosion and old age caused the horizontal cast iron drain pipes in the condo’s parking garage to leak. Since the pipes pass through thick concrete slabs without protective sleeving, a traditional re-pipe was impossible. The horizontal sewer lines penetrate through 4- or 5-foot-thick concrete slabs in the walls and ceilings and consist of 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” diameters. All pipes are original and have been on the property since the condominium was built in 1970.


The customer was happy to hear that NuFlow had a solution to the unique problem that he otherwise could not solve. NuFlow was tasked to clean and line the leaking horizontal drain lines inside the condo’s parking garage and line the sewer system’s main line with our no-dig structural lining technology.


NuFlow rehabilitated the sewer pipes in the parking garage by using existing access points. The structural lining, installed with our patented trenchless technology, covers the cracks and is a long-term protective solution against future corrosion and leaks.


In addition, the building HOA decided to have NuFlow line the building’s 10” main line for preventative measures. This main line is located beneath the parking garage and common grounds, so NuFlow saved the customer from future headaches, expenses and destruction.

The job was performed without any major disruption to the tenants or the functioning of the parking garage.


NuFlow is proud to be the saving grace for this property and it’s residents. A challenging pipe location should not be a deterrent from getting the pipes rehabilitated. NuFlow has the technology to design the perfect solution for your building’s plumbing problems, whether your building is residential, commercial, industrial or municipal.


“Nu Flow was the most economically prudent and practical solution to a problem that could have cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.” – Mark T., Property Manager

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