In the early 1970’s, the first cured-in-place pipe technology (CIPP) was developed in England. In the early years, the CIPP market’s primary focus was on large diameter pipes from 4” to 118” and oriented largely towards the municipal sector.

In the 1990’s a new technology would emerge in the CIPP market. There was a distinct void in the CIPP market, and to fill it NuFlow developed a pull-in-place method that focused on small diameter sewer and drain pipes of 2” to 12” in diameter.


NuFlow has received multiple patents for its pull-in-place structural lining process and methods, and since its inception has licensed the technology to nearly 400 companies internationally with pipe lining installations occurring on 6 continents.

NuFlow’s pull-in-place method has revolutionized the CIPP market by bringing the structural liner inside the building. While other pipe lining techniques are limited to larger pipes that run outside the building, NuFlow has been the leader in “inside infrastructure” rehabilitation.

NuFlow PIP

The NuFlow Precision Push or Pull in Place (PIP) pipe lining method makes use of existing access points, and the flexibility of the saturated liner before curing makes it easy to insert into small diameter pipes with multiple bends – just the sort of network found inside homes and buildings.

The Precision Push or Pull in Place (PIP) pipe lining method allows for full control by pulling or pushing the liner into place, a perfect match for large projects within the building’s infrastructure.

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Pressurized Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy pipe lining was brought to North America in 1987 by American Pipe Lining. The company began employing its epoxy lining technology as a sole source contractor to the United States Navy aboard its carrier vessels. American Pipe Lining’s success with the U.S. Navy brought immediate attention to land-based clients that required similar services in their buildings and underground piping installations. Following EPA approval of its coating in 1988, American Pipe Lining began providing in-place pipe restoration services to clients that faced aging potable water systems and poor water quality, including a variety of low and high-rise housing developments, schools, industries and water utilities.

In 2006, APL granted an exclusive license to NuFlow to utilize all technologies and patent rights, making NuFlow the only pipe and drain rehabilitation company that both manufactures and installs combined technologies for pressurized water systems and non-pressurized systems. NuFlow acquired APL in 2007, solidifying NuFlow’s position as the industry leader in small diameter pipe lining.

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NuFlow Certified Contractors license NuFlow technology, and are independently owned and operated businesses.
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