Micro S Light +

Powerful air-driven cutters that provide unmatched precision and versatility for small diameter pipes. Micro S Light+ is the perfect tool to tackle lucrative small- diameter rehab work.

The head of this powerful cutter travels as far as 164’ in 3–6” lines. Once in position, it clamps pneumatically and offers joystick control for three axes of motion:

400-degree rotation, 90-degree swivel, 4′′ axial feed

We also feature a selection of Picote cutters in our custom NuFlow Picote catalog. Ask your Account Manager for a copy, or visit shop.nuflow.com.

key features

Perfect for both horizontal and vertical work, the Micro S Light fits in small access openings and snakes through 4” lined elbows. An onboard, self-cleaning camera provides live visual feedback on a 10” touchscreen monitor. Pressurized with nitrogen, the sealed head carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits, and detaches for easy transport. The entire system travels on a wheeled cart weighing just 104 lb.

IST Hachler E-Cutter

Power Cutter Micro
• Compact design
• Decades of experience
• Product design made in Germany
• Utmost ease of use
• Battery operation

Decades of experience in milling robots have paved the way for the CLIMBOLINO®E house connection robot.
The milling robot was specially developed for present-day conditions in sewer rehabilitation. Featuring a powerful electric milling spindle, plus exceptional bending capabilities, in nine sizes with only one system, the service connection robot has truly revolutionized sewer rehabilitation.

• Powerful electric milling spindle with max. 1 kW
• 60 V battery operation
• 12′′ LED displays for stress-free work
• 100’ hose reel, extendable

• Every camera angle is adjustable
• Compact hygienic hose box
• 90% energy saving compared to conventional milling robots
• 9 sizes 2.5" to 12"

IST Hachler reinstatement e-cutter available from NuFlow




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