Seeing is Believing


The busy kitchen at a 400-room hotel in Tampa didn’t have time for drain backups. But when their grease lines began causing problems, they called a NuFlow Certified Contractor for a camera inspection. The video results of the inspection showed such serious buildup and corrosion that the hotel decided immediately to camera other parts of the kitchen pipes, as well as the system of sanitary sewer stacks that serve the rooms.

The pipe assessment videos made the next steps clear – cracks, corrosion and buildup all indicated trouble down the road, and the issues needed to be addressed before bigger (and more expensive) problems arose.

After inspection the contractor performed a thorough cleaning of the drain system to ensure guests were not troubled with sewer odors or backups. The top 30 feet of the sewer pipes were exposed to outside salt air, and as a result they suffered corrosion damage which was easily resolved with an epoxy brush coating lining process, keeping further corrosion at bay for years to come. Recognizing the potential harm that salt air could do, management also requested the contractor look at the roof drains and rain leaders. They also showed signs of corrosion and would have almost certainly led to serious problems down the road. The NuFlow contractor lined those as well, helping
prevent any potential leaks from occurring.

The hotel is now working with the NuFlow Certified Contractor to perform routine maintenance with a helpful bacterial solution to keep their drain system clean and healthy. Seeing is believing, and a simple camera inspection helped hotel management avoid unhappy guests and adverse impacts to revenue down the road.


Tampa, Florida


Clogged grease line


Camera inspection revealed more potential problems that needed to be addressed.


NuDrain Precision Push/Pull-in-Place

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