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Lead Service Line Rehabilitation

NuFlow Serline is the faster and more affordable way to safer drinking water.

There are an estimated 7 to 10 million lead service lines (LSLs) currently in use in North America, impacting over 10 million families.

While even low levels of lead exposure to children has been linked to damage to the nervous system, learning disabilities and other health problems, the time required to replace LSLs and the estimated costs of up to $80 billion can seem insurmountable.

Serline Lead Pipe Rehabilitation
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More than 13,000 lead service lines worldwide have been rehabilitated using the Serline process.

Ignoring the problem isn't an option, and pipe replacement simply costs too much and takes too long – and the cost of delay is incalculable when it comes to the health and safety of families.

The Serline process is faster and costs less than conventional pipe replacement, the 2-hour cure time means same day return to service, and a comprehensive audit trail provides quality assurance and peace of mind. The Serline process features a NuFlow-developed polyurethane-polyurea hybrid resin. The flexible resin coats the inside of lead pipes, creating a barrier between the lead pipe and the water. The resin also spans small defects, thereby reducing leakage and improving pressure and flow characteristics.




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