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Trenchless Leak Detection
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The Partnership You Need to Grow

Your Business

Your Expertise

Your Service Offerings

Your Revenue

At NuFlow, we prepare our Certified Contractors with everything they need to develop new expertise, product offerings, and revenue streams.

Expand your service offering

increase your close rate

make more money

build expertise quickly

Sets You Up for Success

Becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor isn’t about buying our equipment. It’s about the support we provide to make sure you build a successful, high revenue, high margin business.

NuFlow offers the most versatile and effective pipe lining technologies available for residential and commercial pipe systems, including our NuCure Cold Cure UV system for pipes 2-24” that cures liners in as little as 10 minutes.

We provide each of our contractors with resources to help them build their business for success.

NuFlow supports you through the entire process with the techonology that is built to help you succeed.

Our support staff are all experts in the industry and are just a call or email away. 24/7. Seriously.

With over 20 years in the industry, NuFlow is a brand you can trust. Grow with NuFlow. We got you.

What Sets Us Apart

At NuFlow, we prepare our Certified Contractors with the tools they need to prepare job sites, read plans, estimate a scope of work, install lining, and manage multiple crews.

Trained & Educated

Trained & Educated

We offer training and support through every phase of development, including a rigorous training program from Apprentice to Master, ensuring that our contractors are knowledgeable in our techniques, processes, and equipment. We also provide continuing education courses, online tutorials, and unique industry-specific educational intensives.

High-end Service

High-End Service

Our NuFlow field operations team provides on-site training, 24/7 job support, and quality assurance. The NuFlow team is committed to making sure our contractors are able to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Technical Training

Technical Training

  • Basics
  • Picote
  • Conduit Piping
  • Small Diameter
  • UV Curing Equipment and Techniques
  • Heat Assisted Curing
  • Vertical and Horizontal Connection Lining (VHCL)
  • Plan Reading and Estimating
  • Quality Assurance Training
  • And more




All the tools, training and resources you need to build a successful pipe lining business.

Estimating & Job Breakdown Tools

Inventory Management

Customizable Marketing Materials

Sales Presentations

Consumer Financing Options

Legal Documents, Mock Business Plans, P&L, Customer and Operation Forms

Course management tools for your whole team

Online Learning Management System

Hundreds of hours of training courses and video content

Tests to score your knowledge



Trenchless Leak Detection

The culture of NuFlow is what makes this work. They give you a sense of family with the type of support they provide. We are already profitable on our investment, and now we’re getting bigger contract jobs and looking to expand.

Jayon Arendall

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Regular Support

We have got to know the NuFlow Team well over the years. We can talk to them about upcoming jobs and walk through all of the steps. They give us regular support over the phone, through classes and from time to time on specific jobs.

Randy Behle

NuFlow Certified Contractor

This product is unmatched

The NuFlow team is experienced and knowledgeable. We make a great team! We decided on NuFlow because of the quality of the product. Their product is far superior than all the other companies out there.

John Perry

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Money back on the first job

I made my money back on the first job, and then some. That’s no joke. In my first year as NuFlow Certified Contractor I generated nearly $1 million dollars in lining revenue.

Jeff Lane

NuFlow Certified Contractor

No hassle. No worries.

NuFlow’s products are the most versatile. I highly recommend them! They have training and online learning. My team and I reach out to them all the time. If we have a question, they will get it answered.

John Peterson

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Such an easy experience.

It was easy to get started! We chose NuFlow because their technology was far better - they were the first company to talk about how to properly clean cast iron and I really liked that we can start and stop anywhere in the system.

Chris McNulty

NuFlow Certified Contractor

NuFlow is the whole package.

We more than double our monthly revenue on a regular basis... NuFlow’s product and the process are the best available. The technical support and family atmosphere at NuFlow are really valuable. Being able to call the team and get a response right away is so helpful.

Mike Lomonaco

NuFlow Certified Contractor




Begin the path to new expertise, product offerings, and revenue streams. NuFlow technicians are highly-qualified educators and can offer the industry expertise, guidance, and resources to help you start installing state-of-the-art NuFlow products in no time.


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