NuFlow Repairs Drain Line for Restaurant in Time for Breakfast

NuFlow Repair Drain Line Building

Over time, ABS drain lines can succumb to shifting, which causes structural fractures and offsets. Conventional replacement of ABS lines can be very costly, especially when located beneath structural slabs and within facilities that have daily operational businesses. The solution to this in many cases is NuFlow’s patented structural in-situ trenchless solutions.


This 12-story, high traffic, high-rise office building is fully occupied. A restaurant located on the bottom floor has a seating area that is busy throughout the day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 100 feet of 3” ABS sanitary sewer line from the 1970s running through the kitchen, preparation area, customer service, dining area, and past the elevators to the basement’s 6” main sewer had developed numerous breaks and shifts over the years.


The 3” ABS was located 2 feet under a structural slab and the sewer gas was finding it’s way into the high-rise. The sewer gas was such a problem that tenants considered vacating. To add to the problem, the restaurant operates 7 days a week, causing extreme time constraints for repairs. It was estimated that in order to jack hammer, remove and replace the sewer leaks, it would take well over one week. This was unacceptable, as the restaurant would have to close for business while under repair.


Of utmost importance to the owners and the tenant of the restaurant was that there be no interruption of daily business operations and, if possible, to preserve the structural concrete slab. After CCTV inspection of the sewer system, the breaches were identified, located and it was determined that 36 feet of structural liner would rehabilitate the piping breaches. After consulting with the restaurant, the NuFlow Certified Contractor presented the idea of relining on a Sunday evening as the restaurant usually closes earlier on Sundays. After the restaurant closed on Sunday the line was cleaned, and the structural liner was put in place. The next morning, the contractor returned prior to restaurant operations to put the restored line back into service in time for breakfast service.


NuFlow’s structural liner was installed in a very tight time constraint causing no loss of business for the restaurant and resolving the sewer odor issues in the high-rise. This solution was provided with no mess or compromise to the integrity of the structural slab and the cost of NuFlow’s structural liner was less than 50 percent of a conventional repair.

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