Gas Lines


NuFlow 945 is a break-through technology designed to significantly extend the service life of gas pipes without the cost or destruction of pipe replacement. NuFlow 945 enables gas system infrastructure to be inspected, cleaned, and sealed with an internal barrier coating to protect against existing leaks and to mitigate further corrosion.

NuFlow 945 is the only plumbing code listed solution (ICC LC1045, PMG-1528) available for proper maintenance and extended service life of in-building gas pipes.


Gas line rehabilitation

For years, in-building gas systems have been plagued by leaks because of the breakdown of PTFE paste or pipe sealant used on the pipe threads joining the lengths and connections of the system. Gas pipe replacement is not only costly, but it can be disruptive to tenants and the daily usage of the building.


Internal barrier coating effectively and efficiently seals existing pinhole leaks

pipe corrorosion

Helps mitigate future internal pipe corrosion


Greatly extends the service life of gas pipes without the costs and disruption of replacement


nuflow 945

NuFlow is the world leader for in-building pipe renewal and NuFlow 945 brings their unmatched experience and expertise to less disruptively resolve in-building gas pipe corrosion and pin-hole leak issues.

Aging gas pipes pose an increasing health and safety risk to building occupants, especially in our older urban centers. Building evacuations and building losses from gas pipe leaks are routinely being reported in the news. Prior to NuFlow 945, there has been no code listed method for property owners and building maintenance managers to extend the service life of building gas pipes.




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