Why Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is a safe and proven way to rehabilitate cracked, leaking or corroded pipes. Typically, it is much faster, doesn’t require tearing open walls, and is less expensive than pipe replacement.


NuFlow’s cured-in-place and epoxy pipe lining processes use existing pipe access points to rehabilitate your existing pipes, leaving you with a seamless pipe-within-a-pipe, without the destruction, time, hassle, and cost of pipe replacement.

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Less Invasive

You don’t have to destroy your property to fix your pipes. The pipe lining process minimizes damage to walls, floors, and surrounding areas because pipe lining is handled through cleanouts, toilets risers, or other existing access points. If a sewer or water pipe is under concrete or pavement, there’s no need to jackhammer it up since our epoxy pipe lining technology goes right into the existing pipe. It also reduces safety concerns where asbestos insulation or other contaminants are present.

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Less Expensive

Rehabilitating sewer and potable pipes using pipe lining can cost half of what conventional pipe replacement does. There is little structural modification involved because there is no need to take out walls or tear up the street or lawn. Minimal exterior digging also reduces clean-up costs, as well as the labor costs needed to complete the job.

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Typically, we are in and out in about half the time of pipe replacement. Without the need to dig or spend time repairing walls, floors, and ceilings, the procedure of pipe lining is more time-efficient than complex conventional pipe replacement. And because pipe lining is developed to solve the problem for the long-term, it helps prevent problems such as corrosion and leaks from reoccurring and reduces future inconvenience for your home, business or community.

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Long Lasting

It’s faster, less invasive, and less expensive, but it is projected to last just as long. We’ve been lining pipe for more than 20 years. Our pipe lining technologies are projected to last more than 50 years, about the same as you’d expect with conventional pipe replacement. You can get all the benefits of pipe lining and still get the same life out of your pipes.

Learn how NuFlow’s pipe lining processes works

Learn how NuFlow’s pipe lining processes works

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