The reasons for choosing pipe lining instead of old-fashioned pipe replacement are clear, click below to learn more. But once you realize that pipe lining is the preferred way of rehabilitating your pipes, how do you choose between pipe lining companies?




  • The worldwide leader in small diameter pipe lining
  • Thousands of miles of pipe lined with NuFlow products worldwide
  • NuFlow Certified Contractors complete extensive hands-on training
  • Network of over 300 certified contractors worldwide

We recognize that there is a lot of marketing hype in the CIPP liner industry guided as “plausible” technical help. At NuFlow, we commit to backing up the answers to your technical questions with actual engineering science. NuFlow is the worldwide leader in small diameter, inside the building pipe lining installations, with over 300 contractors utilizing the NuFlow CIPP systems. Our NuFlow Technical Support Team draws upon that worldwide experience and expertise to support your local Certified Contractor.

Perhaps the greatest factor reducing the risk for property owners and managers is the unmatched experience and expertise NuFlow has in conducting complex CIPP liner installations on projects.


employs some of the top experts in the world

NuFlow employs some of the top experts in the world with experience managing pipe lining projects

Their knowledge is further enhanced through the experience of the extensive network of field construction superintendents that they routinely support. Furthermore, the staff of your local NuFlow Certified Contractor has completed extensive installation training, covering all aspects of a project, including host pipe preparation, and not merely the liner wet-out and curing processes. Most CIPP liner suppliers only train on liner wet-out and curing, and the local contractor receives minimal project support beyond materials supply. Access to a NuFlow Certified Contractor who understands the requirements of your local market, and is backed up by worldwide experience and expertise that is second to none, is invaluable in the “arthroscopic surgery” of your property’s drainage or pressurized pipe system.

experts can assist your NuFlow Certified Contractor

During an advance site inspection, NuFlow’s experts can assist your NuFlow Certified Contractor with understanding and balancing disruption, risk, and cost as an optimized site plan is developed together to best meet your particular needs. A thoroughly considered site plan will reduce the risk of change orders leading to unplanned disruptions and unexpected costs. NuFlow’s versatile installation methods enable more options to best meet your needs.

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Peerless Plumbing

The turn-around time and method of doing trenchless work save time, money, headache, and create a better end result!

Kevin S.

NuFlow Customer

Lomonaco Coast Plumbing

After hiring 3 separate plumbers to find the issue, Mike was able to both find and repair the main sewer line without tearing up my front patio and lawn.

Ryan M.

NuFlow Customer

NuFlow Indy

I will NEVER trust anyone else with my pipes and property.

Julie W.

NuFlow Customer

Behle Inc.

Awesome customer service. Great job. Very professional. Highly recommend for pipe lining.

Tammy S.

NuFlow Customer

Smith Plumbing/Kansas NuDrain

I highly recommend Kansas NuDrain to anyone thinking of replacing their sewer line. A great alternative to digging and the product is safe and durable.

Angie D.

NuFlow Customer

Pipe Rehab Specialists

They did an excellent job lining and cleaning a sewer pipe and I recommend them 100%

Gwen C.

NuFlow Customer

NuFlow St. Louis

NuFlow fixed a cracked cast iron pipe under our basement floor, which helped us avoid the astronomical costs that would have been involved in jackhammering up the floor.

Jenessa J.

NuFlow Customer


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NuFlow’s products have independent, 3rd party certifications to compliance with the industry consensus standards, including independent audits conducted for both ICC and IAPMO.

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