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At NuFlow, we prepare our Certified Contractors with the everything they need to develop new expertise, product offerings, and revenue streams.










Why offer pipe lining?

Expand your service offering, diversify your business, and make more
money by joining up with the premier partner in a rapidly expanding field.

The trenchless pipe rehabilitation market is projected to grow at an impressive rate over the next five years to reach an estimated value of $6.4 billion in 2025 … and the United States is the growth engine of the North American market. The US is the largest market for trenchless pipe rehabilitation in the world, and it’s only getting larger.

Why Choose

Simple. We set you up for success.

Becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor is more than just buying equipment. As a pioneer and leader in the pipe lining industry we combine years of experience, technical expertise, a highly respected brand, industry leading training and support, and the latest pipe lining technology to provide each of our contractors with everything they need to build a successful business.


Build Your Business on the
Four Pillars of


Make more money

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Line Wye’s, Tee’s and 90’s


Specialize Inside the Building


Launch Through Existing Access Points


NuFlow Backs You with 30 Years of Experience

Our products, specialty tools and innovative technologies allow our Certified Contractors to renew some of the worst piping situations imaginable.

NuFlow’s dual technologies for pressurized and non- pressurized systems allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. Homeowners, property owners, real estate management companies, engineers and municipalities are searching for our solutions daily.

NuFlow Certified Contractors start seeing great profits right from the start. We offer a turnkey start up plan that includes licensing, training, equipment and materials. The NuFlow Startup Kits are an affordable investment and more importantly, offer a fast return on investment. Many of our contractors recover their initial investment on their first one or two jobs.

Build Expertise Quickly


Hands On Apprentice to Master Training Curriculum


True 24/7 Technical Support


Online Learning Platform


Sales and Business Training

We train and support NuFlow Certified Contractors through every phase of development. We offer a rigorous training program from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master. We ensure that your team is knowledgeable in our techniques, processes and equipment through continuing education courses, online tutorials and unique industry-specific educational intensives. Our NuFlow field operations team provides on-site training, 24/7 job support and quality assurance. The entire NuFlow team is committed to making sure you’re able to provide the best possible service to your customers.


Increase Your Close Rate


Fast Accurate Quoting


Comprehensive Business Tools


Consumer Finance Options


Large Project Support

NuFlow prepares you with the tools you need to prepare job sites, read plans, estimate a scope of work, install lining and manage multiple crews. Our contractor support staff are all experts in the industry and are only a phone call or email away. In addition, our team of Certified Contractors gathers for an annual summit to share industry best practices and insight to make sure you have the tools to succeed.

Expand Your Reach


We Send You Profitable Leads in Your Area


Easy Custom Marketing


Exclusive Peer Community


The Trusted Brand

With over 20 years in the industry, NuFlow is a brand you can trust. Becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor allows you to become part of an established network while being your own boss. NuFlow offers the tools and experience to support every market sector from residential to commercial to industrial. We provide access to print-ready marketing materials, NuFlow branding opportunities, sales presentations, tips and training.


What success looks like

Trenchless Leak Detection

The culture of NuFlow is what makes this work. They give you a sense of family with the type of support they provide. We are already profitable on our investment, and now we’re getting bigger contract jobs and looking to expand.

Jayon Arendall

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Regular Support

We have got to know the NuFlow Team well over the years. We can talk to them about upcoming jobs and walk through all of the steps. They give us regular support over the phone, through classes and from time to time on specific jobs.

Randy Behle

NuFlow Certified Contractor

This product is unmatched

The NuFlow team is experienced and knowledgeable. We make a great team! We decided on NuFlow because of the quality of the product. Their product is far superior than all the other companies out there.

John Perry

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Money back on the first job

I made my money back on the first job, and then some. That’s no joke. In my first year as NuFlow Certified Contractor I generated nearly $1 million dollars in lining revenue.

Jeff Lane

NuFlow Certified Contractor

No hassle. No worries.

NuFlow’s products are the most versatile. I highly recommend them! They have training and online learning. My team and I reach out to them all the time. If we have a question, they will get it answered.

John Peterson

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Such an easy experience.

It was easy to get started! We chose NuFlow because their technology was far better - they were the first company to talk about how to properly clean cast iron and I really liked that we can start and stop anywhere in the system.

Chris McNulty

NuFlow Certified Contractor

NuFlow is the whole package.

We more than double our monthly revenue on a regular basis... NuFlow’s product and the process are the best available. The technical support and family atmosphere at NuFlow are really valuable. Being able to call the team and get a response right away is so helpful.

Mike Lomonaco

NuFlow Certified Contractor

Just Some of What We Provide
to Set You Up for Success

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Certified Contractor Resource Guide

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Health & Safety Information

np_documents_1045228_000000 1

NuDrain Technical Info

np_video_871322_000000 1

Training Videos

np_brochure_3518408_000000 1

NuFlow Catalog

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Operations & Management Forms and Information

np_legal-document_1979105_549C44 1

Sample Legal Documents

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Sales Worksheets and Information

np_test_4201371_000000 1

Order Forms & CC Authorization Templates

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Power Point Presentations

np_warranty_1922100_549C44 1

Warranty Information

np_templates_3558657_549C44 1

Business Stationery Templates

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Sample Print Ads

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Images, Graphics and Logos

np_marketing_4428516_549C44 1

Marketing Materials
& Explainer Marketing Videos

Training and

Becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor is more than just buying our equipment. We provide each of our contractors with the resources they need to build their business for success.

Training Class Schedule Coming Soon!

cultivate and support

cultivate and support

The NuFlow team works to cultivate and support pipelining professionals through every phase of development: from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master, from preparing a job site to installing a small-diameter connection liner, from reading plans to estimating a scope of work, and from managing multiple crews to deploying the NuFlow technologies.

In an effort to enhance your educational opportunities and experience, NuFlow has built full-size renditions of actual piping scenarios for both vertical and horizontal systems to practice on. This allows technicians to get “hands-on” with their learning as well as participate in classroom-style seminars.

These training rigs have been set up in both our San Diego, California location and our Sarasota, Florida location for greater access to both East and West Coast Contractors.

  • Lining Basics
  • UV Curing
  • Hot Water Cure
  • Small Diameter
  • VHCL
  • Picote
  • Hundreds of hours of training courses and video content
  • Tests to score your knowledge
  • Course management tools for your whole team
  • Convenient learning. Access NuFlow courses on your schedule from any desktop or mobile device
  • Audio available for courses when you are on the go
  • Reinforce knowledge with quizzes and certifications
  • Create discussions with others to communicate or exchange thoughts
  • Search content
  • View upcoming NuFlow events

This portal will allow us to share previously recorded webinars and training video sessions with you and your staff. This way, you will not miss out on ideas and tips that are working for others!

Training Courses

Prerequisite: Completed NuDrain Master. Methods for building liners, build a 3’ spot repair, build spot repair with 10M (33’) Light-core, “off-site” wet out of 4”, install by the push only method utilizing a pushrod, install a 25’ single liner by pull/push method. Cure-off accordingly using staggered inflation, inflation rates and dealing with 90’s, Wet out 7’ of 4” for transitional liners, 45’ installation with protective plastic, camera test pipe, CCUV test.

Prerequisite: Minimum 90 days. By the end of this course, the participant will understand different drainage systems and learn the skills needed to be an Apprentice Lining Tradesman. They will be taught how to properly identify, dis-assemble and re-assemble Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, Galvanized, Copper, No-Hub’s and Low-Flex Couplings. They will also learn about different tools of the plumbing and NuDrain lining trades, how to properly protect a work area and themselves, learn the basics of cleaning, measuring, building and installing liners for 2”, 3”, and 4” pipe and make repair-ready access in drywall.

Prerequisite: Apprentice; Supervisor recommendation. By the end of this course, the participant will understand how to properly diagnose a drainage system in preparation for NuDrain installation. Proper CCTV techniques including narration of what can be seen, line locating and tracing will be discussed. In addition, the participant will learn how to use a multiple bladder to leak check pressurized pipe (i.e. vacuum lines, pools) joints and connections.

Prerequisite: Been on NuDrain installations totaling 800 linear feet; or Supervisor recommendation. This class will teach an understanding of the important intricacies within the NuDrain product and the variables which can be adapted to successfully line mechanical systems of all types. Product variables, various resins, the importance of calibration, hot and cold weather applications, water infiltration, channel rotting, handling connections via gapping and reinstating, accelerated curing mechanisms, reforming collapsed or wrinkled lines, handling small diameter, cleaning, measuring, and manipulating product the right way for the installation will be taught using a Microcutter, Hot Water Curing and Heat Assist.

Prerequisite: Journeyman; Crew Foreman, Project Manager;
Supervisor recommendation. The participants will learn the proper method of building and installing the various sizes of connection liners in both vertical and horizontal applications. Upstream & downstream installation and curing with the Heat Assist will also be taught. NOTE: The Journeyman Advanced Tradesman Course is recommended prior to attending this class.

Prerequisite: Experienced in pull-in-place installation. This class will allow the installer to understand the NuCure equipment, UV resin & liners, and important installation techniques, including pipe preparation, measuring and building liners, calibration, installation & curing, and equipment maintenance.

NuFlow Estimating Software

NuFlow has joined together with QuoteSoft® Estimating Software to develop an all- inclusive approach to bidding off standard PDF plans.

NuFlow works together with QuoteSoft® to license this lining/ coating-only version of the original plumbing take-off software and include only the NuDrain and NuLine criteria for estimating. This means faster and more accurate bidding for our licensees.

This software comes pre-loaded with all of NuFlow’s pricing for material built in. It also has options for low, medium, and high risk depending on the severity of the corrosion in the existing pipe, or whether it is under soil/sod, or in a hospital. The Licensee can phase production during bidding on a larger project, so that targets can be defined and met once technicians hit the ground.

NuFlow Quality Assurance App

NuFlow Technologies has sourced a provider to develop the means of capturing real-time data from the field and share up-to-date documentation with the field force.

AppCan is a web-based based technology that allows the creation of data capture apps specific to the needs of NuFlow Technologies and accessed using iOS/Android devices. Managed via a web-based portal, information collected from the field and can be managed into reports or exported data. In addition, information such as procedural documents, project plans, and briefing detail can be shared with all or individual users to support operations.

A “per user” license-based product administered by NuFlow Technologies, licensees now have access to the NuFlow Technologies portal to use the app/templates created. The app also comes pre-loaded on a ruggedized NuFlow-customized tablet designed for data capture and job management in the field.

Mask Group

Marketing Materials

All NuFlow Contractors are provided with a variety of marketing tools to help you hit the ground running and grow your business. Access promotional materials like flyers, door hangers, yard signs, exhibit displays, flip books, power point presentations, price guides, technical brochures and more. Many of our materials are “plug and play” so all you need to do is enter your business information and upload your logo and you can quickly produce professional collateral and mailing pieces. We made it easy to build awareness and drive sales.

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