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Potable Water Pipe Lining

NuLine corrosion control coating, a premier solution in the pipe lining industry, effectively restores aged, corroded pipe systems to a “like new” condition. This innovative approach in pipe lining keeps the pipes in place, thereby avoiding the expense and disruption typically associated with pipe replacement. The epoxy coating, a cornerstone in modern pipe lining techniques, is applied to the interior of the pipes. This crucial step in the pipe lining process seals and protects the system from further deterioration, significantly extending the system’s life.

Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61

Sanded Single


Problem pipes impacted by corrosion are sand blasted clean which helps prepare the pipe interior for further rehabilitation.

half coat single


A proven safe resin is blown into the pipe with proprietary techniques that coat the interior of the entire pipe system.



The epoxy dries, leaving a layer of protective coating between the pipe and the water it carries.

Used In

In the realm of pipe lining applications, NuLine shows remarkable versatility. It is used in various pressurized systems, including potable water, HVAC, fire suppression, gas, and compressed air systems. NuLine's pipe lining capabilities are suitable for pipelines with diameters ranging from 1⁄2 inch to 12 inches, demonstrating its adaptability across different pipe sizes.

Furthermore, the epoxy coating used in NuLine’s pipe lining process is safe and non-toxic. It meets the stringent requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 and is approved for use in both cold and hot potable water applications for systems as narrow as 1/2” in pipe diameter. The durability of the cured epoxy product in our pipe lining solution is exceptional, offering resistance to the corrosive action of acids, alkalis, and petroleum.

Creates a barrier between the pipe and liquid flowing through it

Used on a variety of piping applications, such as piping laterals, elbows in all configurations, above and underground piping systems, risers, gradient piping and branches

Will accommodate pipe lengths that have varying pipe diameters in a single pipe segment as short as a few inches or as long as 1,000 feet




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