NuCure 2'' Cold Cure UV

Bring the speed and efficiency of UV light curing to pipes as small as 2".

NuFlow´s NuCure 2" CCUV brings industry-leading performance for the smallest pipes.

NuCure 2 Cold Care UV
NuCure 2 UV Light Curing

NuCure 2” CCUV has a simple set up that packs a punch. NuFlow’s UV cold light LEDs and Precision PIP (push or pull-in-place) technology minimizes the risk of error by activating liners in place, significantly reducing time for curing, and allowing the contractor to wet-out on or off-site.

  • The NuCure 2” Cold Cure UV is an easy-to-use product with a simple setup, including an installer control box, a 4.5’ and 20’ light train core.
  • Cold Cure Resin formula cures densely within 10 to 20 minutes (based on I.D.), speeding required installation times and limiting the duration of thermal energy release. The shelf-stable epoxy allows for wet out on or off-site.
  • The Resin Protection System consists of an integral PU outer coating, which offers high thermal stability, and a removable inner calibration bladder that assists with containing and evenly distributing the resin; protects the resin from excessive bleed-out, blow-out, wash-out, and emulsification; and guards against resin slugs.
  • GRP liner tubes are engineered for performance. Seamless, ECR, fiberglass tubes provide a thin wall, high strength structure to avoid flow loss.

Backed by NuFlow

Equipment and liners are backed by NuFlow’s Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty, and NuFlow also supports customers with our North American Equipment Maintenance Center.


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