NuFlow Saved Bottom Floor Residents from Displacement

An apartment building’s underground sanitary main line that is located beneath the main hallway and first floor rooms experienced consistent failures. Instead of paying for traditional pipe replacement and thereby causing weeks of construction, inconvenience and resident displacement, the customer chose NuFlow’s patented pipe lining process to rehabilitate their drain lines. NuFlow’s unique solution resulted in complete property preservation and no disruption for residents.


A nine-story apartment building’s sanitary pipe system experienced backups and caused failures due to debris build-up. The cast iron sanitary line goes from a diameter of 4″ to 6″ and is located under slab, beneath the main hallway and some residents’ apartments. This pipe system is more than 40 years old. Also upon investigation, part of the main line had a very large hole that needed to be covered. It was clear that the pipe was deteriorating and the customer knew that the pipe either had to be replaced or repaired and protected.


The main line is located in a crawl space with limited access, so not only is a repipe difficult to perform given the restraints, but it would also cause serious damage to the structural integrity of the building. The main line is also located beneath part of the apartment building’s main hallway and some of the first floor apartments, so a repipe would cause inconvenience and displacement of some residents.


NuFlow technicians took full advantage of both clean out access points available and successfully lined the failing main line without causing any destruction to the apartment building. The NuDrain system was utilized to install a structural liner, using pull-in-place technology, within the main line, creating a new pipe within the host pipe. This protective liner covers all voids in the pipeline and will help to prevent future debris build-up and flow problems.


This main line rehabilitation project is a perfect example of how NuFlow’s cured-in-place pipe solutions save apartment buildings from destruction and resident displacement. NuFlow’s pipe repair processes are also less time consuming and more cost-effective than a traditional repipe. The ideal, long-term pipe rehabilitation solutions for your home or property can be implemented with NuFlow’s technologies.


“NuFlow’s pipe lining solution solved our problems. The technicians were very professional and kept the work site very clean. I am impressed with NuFlow’s technology and I’m a very happy customer!” – Susan Z., Building Manager and Owner

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