NuTherm - Heat Assit Hybrid

by KrasoTech

NuTherm is a fully automated system. Once the desired program sequence has been entered, heat up, holding, and cool-down phase is automatically performed and regulated. Complete documentation of all data will take place.

  • Generating of steam or hot water in one device
  • Steam generator system specially developed for pipe renovation
  • Compact and lightweight heating design with high heating power
  • Generating low-temperature steam is possible! Ideal for sensitive materials, media, and for an optimal heating curve
  • Humidity control of the steam saturation for best possible curing results
  • Fast production of an appropriate steam quality
  • Multiphase function for highest flexibility
  • Integrated bypass
  • Also suitable for pressure liner! Steam generation up to 4 bar or higher as desired
  • Includes digital touch screen operation with heating curve programming, error report, and recording. Available in multiple languages
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Mobile cart design and transportation hooks
KrasoTherm Hybrid 100 including water treatment unit 1


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