Seeing is Believing

The busy kitchen at a 400-room hotel in Tampa didn’t have time for drain backups. But when their grease lines began causing problems, they called a NuFlow Certified Contractor for a camera inspection. The video results of the inspection showed such serious buildup and corrosion that the hotel decided immediately to camera other parts of the kitchen pipes, as well as the system of sanitary sewer stacks that serve the rooms.

The pipe assessment videos made the next steps clear – cracks, corrosion and buildup all indicated trouble down the road, and the issues needed to be addressed before bigger (and more expensive) problems arose.

After inspection the contractor performed a thorough cleaning of the drain system to ensure guests were not troubled with sewer odors or backups. The top 30 feet of the sewer pipes were exposed to outside salt air, and as a result they suffered corrosion damage which was easily resolved with an epoxy brush coating lining process, keeping further corrosion at bay for years to come. Recognizing the potential harm that salt air could do, management also requested the contractor look at the roof drains and rain leaders. They also showed signs of corrosion and would have almost certainly led to serious problems down the road. The NuFlow contractor lined those as well, helping
prevent any potential leaks from occurring.

The hotel is now working with the NuFlow Certified Contractor to perform routine maintenance with a helpful bacterial solution to keep their drain system clean and healthy. Seeing is believing, and a simple camera inspection helped hotel management avoid unhappy guests and adverse impacts to revenue down the road.


When the continual wear and tear on a hospital’s aging pipes began to take its toll, they turned to NuFlow Certified Contractor for a second opinion.

A hospital in Florida had undergone multiple expansions to keep up with heavy demand, but the speed of expansion didn’t allow for proper maintenance of their existing pipe infrastructure. After a hurricane swept through the area they began carrying an even heavier load than usual and the wear and tear on the building’s aging pipes began to take its toll.

Drainage backups and pipe failures were becoming common disruptions to the medical staff and maintenance team. The hospital’s engineering partner initially considered replacing the aging pipes. But pipe replacement risked contamination from construction dust and debris into sensitive areas of the hospital. In addition, they would have to shut down sections of the hospital for multiple phases. The project would likely take years to complete, so they decided to look into pipe lining as an alternative.

Pipe lining not only provided them with the long-term solution that they needed to restore their pipes, but it allowed them to remain open, avoid any major construction damage, and greatly reduce the possibility of contamination of sensitive areas of the buildings. However, the aging pipes were not their only challenge. Because of the multiple phases of expansion, the engineers did not have a complete blueprint map of the hospital’s piping system.

They would be going into the system nearly blind to clean and line the pipes. The engineering team began the pipe lining project with a competitive lining company in the area and called a NuFlow Certified Contractor to get a secondary bid on the project. The NuFlow contractor created a thorough plan for the project, taking into consideration all of the special needs for the hospital staff and their patients, as well as how to tackle the unknown pipe layout. The NuFlow contractor’s bid for the project was actually slightly higher
than their competitor. But the experience of NuFlow, a clear understanding of the situation, and extremely detailed production plan put them a step ahead of the competition and they were awarded the project.

The contractor video inspected, cleaned, mapped, and rehabilitated over 3,000 linear feet of cast iron pipes in and under the facility. The complex project only took 6 months to complete and did not require any extended shutdowns at the hospital, allowing the medical staff to continue doing what they do best, taking care of people.

Las Vegas Food Court Remains Open During Pipe Lining

A landmark mall on the Las Vegas strip boasts high-profile tenant’s such as the M&M’s World, the Coca-Cola Store, Outback Steakhouse and Hard Rock Café.

During a renovation for this mall, the customer wanted to repair a horizontal grease line that services the restaurant kitchens in the food court.  Part of the 4” diameter cast iron grease line goes through a 2ft thick concrete wall. A traditional pipe replacement would have caused significant closures to the businesses. The concrete wall would have been destroyed, resulting in weeks of additional work, higher costs, and a massive mess from tearing down the wall and rebuilding it.

They decided to use NuFlow’s non-invasive pipe lining instead of the pipe replacement. The NuFlow technicians utilized several existing access points to clean and retrofit this horizontal grease line. The job was completed in one day, as opposed to the weeks of work a traditional repipe would have taken.

First, using existing access points, a NuFlow pneumatic cutting tool was used to break apart the build-up inside of the pipes and return them to their original diameter. Then, our NuDrain system was installed using a patented Pull-in-Place process. Once the epoxy cured, a seamless structural liner was left inside the host pipe. The protective liner prevents breaks in the pipe, corrosion build-up, and other common failures; greatly extending the useful life of the pipe system.

The NuDrain process was installed without causing any destruction to the building, and a grease bypass system was installed so there were no interruptions to the restaurants while our technicians rehabilitated the pipes.

Hassle Free for the Long Term

The Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza is a 360-unit condominium complex located in Pompano Beach, FL. Due to the age of the property, deteriorating pipes were forcing residents to deal with leaks and sewer backups with increasing frequency.

The maintenance staff was clearing blockages with traditional plumbing methods on an “as-needed” basis, but the number and frequency of the issues made it clear that something was amiss.

The condominium association knew they needed a long-term fix but wanted a solution that avoided a great deal of expense, hassle, and resident disruption. Silver Thatch turned to a NuFlow Certified Contractor and their Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining solution. The NuFlow contractor cleaned and lined over 7,500 feet of cast iron pipes, 44 vertical waste stacks that were over 170 feet each, and
nearly 1,400 feet of cast iron underground sewer lines. The pipes ranged from 4 to 8 inches in diameter. The CIPP lining process restored, repaired and renewed the Silver Thatch’s corroding pipe system with minimal disruption, with 80% less time and 40% lower cost than
pipe replacement.


Foul odors and ongoing leaks were causing complaints in the dorms of a 150-year-old university. The school needed a solution that would take care of the problems without displacing over 1000 on-campus students.

Students at a well-known eastern university were complaining about ongoing plumbing issues in their student housing. For years, the facilities team struggled with the aging pipes in their on-campus dormitories. Foul odor and ongoing leaks in buildings that were in constant use forced the repair crew to be reactive. Every time a problem arose, they would quickly patch or replace the pipes, only to see the issues arise again and again. With over 1000 students living in the four buildings, they faced a constant struggle to maintain the plumbing infrastructure while school was in session… but they were losing the battle.

The university had plans to eventually renovate the dorms, but it was not in the master financial plan for at least another ten years. The maintenance staff knew they needed to come up with a long-term solution to get ahead of the problem. They looked into a full pipe replacement, but the quote came in over $2,000,000. And, in order to keep the housing available during the school year, replacement would have to be executed in a multi-phase plan that would take years to complete. They were looking for an alternative option when they met a NuFlow Certified Contractor.

The contractor educated the facilities manager about pipe lining – a non-destructive alternative to pipe replacement that lasts just as long with minimal hassle. The solution proved to be a breakthrough, well beyond what the maintenance teams could have imagined. After a thorough inspection and presentation to the management team, the NuFlow Certified Contractor estimated the job at less than half of the price of pipe replacement.

The team cleaned and lined 32 drain stacks, which included over 5,000 ft of cast iron pipe. The entire project was done in one month over the school’s winter break. When the students returned to campus there were no more complaints. Under half the cost and a fraction of the projected time, you do not have to be a math major to know that they made the right decision.

Restaurant Takes Proactive Approach for Failing Drain Line

Over time, all drain systems develop problems and require attention. Replacing those pipes comes with the need to dig through floors and foundations or to cut through walls to access the pipes, which can be very time-consuming and costly. However, this can be avoided with the NuFlow’s patented NuDrain process, an in-situ trenchless solution for pipe rehabilitation both underground and in building. For example, a Cafe Rio location took a proactive approach to rehabilitate their drain line when it was experiencing backups.


Project: Clean and line a cast iron drain to bring it up to date with chain’s other locations.

Customer and site: Cafe Rio Mexican Grill in Lake Forest, CA, was built in the 1970s and is one of the oldest locations of the Mexican chain of restaurants.


System: 42 feet of 4” cast iron drain line from the 1970s running from the cleanouts in the bathrooms, through the middle of the restaurant to the outside of the building where it connects to the city sewer system.


Situation: The old existing sewer line that was not replaced when the facility was converted to a Cafe Rio was experiencing backups and risked potential failure. There were several tenants in the building before Cafe Rio, all who changed the sewer layout and lateral drain connections. Cafe Rio wanted to make sure that there was no chance for future problems and commissioned NuFlow to rehabilitate the drain line.


Solution: After testing multiple laterals to determine which are actively used, NuFlow proceeded to rehabilitate the pipe using a trenchless/no-dig technology. NuFlow cleaned the existing pipe to remove all buildup before inserting a pull-in-place structural liner in the existing pipe from a cleanout in the bathroom.

The solution provided Cafe Rio with a smooth, seamless new pipe within the existing pipe that will last a very long time and will minimize the risk of future problems. NuFlow’s solution was the most proactive application to bring their oldest restaurant up to date with the chain’s other locations.

If left unprotected, pipes will age and develop problems whether in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, NuFlow is available to restore your peace of mind.


“Cafe Rio wanted to make sure there was no chance for broken or cracked pipes that could cause us problems in the future.”

– Terry L., Director of Construction


Business as Usual While NuFlow Lined Pipes

This busy office tower could not afford to have leaking pipes hold it back from normal operations. Repairing cracked pipes above the bank tellers’ desks would be disruptive, messy and an inconvenience for customers. NuFlow’s trenchless solutions are beneficial because 101 West Broadway did not have to stop normal operations for an imperative pipe lining installation.


Project: Rehabilitate 30-year-old sewer and storm drain lines with NuFlow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner as to not disrupt normal business operations.


Customer: Irvine Company Office Properties has been a leading and respected property management firm since 1864. It is the owner and operator of six of San Diego’s top 10 high rise properties.


Site: Located at 101 West Broadway, this commercial building has 20 floors of class A offices in Downtown San Diego, California.


System: Cast iron sewer pipes totaling 491 feet, with diameters of 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″. Cast iron 8″ storm drain with a length of 95 feet and a 6″ storm drain with a length of 40 feet.


Situation: The aged pipe systems, being almost 30 years old, had corroded, causing significant cracking, and leaking. Some of the cracked storm drains ran in the ceiling above the tellers’ desks in a bank, making NuFlow’s trenchless technology superior to other repair options.


Solution: NuFlow technicians cleaned and rehabilitated the sewer and storm stacks. After the corrosion was cleaned out, our structural lining was pulled into the pipe systems, covering the cracks, stopping leaks, and preventing future issues. A protective barrier was left in the host pipes without causing construction to the building or disrupting the businesses and their customers.

Left unprotected, pipes will age and develop problems, whether in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. NuFlow’s cost-effective, trenchless technology will revitalize your aged pipes and protect them for the future.


“We performed this work and prevented them from tearing up the ceilings above the bank, which would have disrupted bank operations.”

– Andrew Felsburg, NuFlow Account Executive


NuFlow Protects Pipes in Beach Paradise

The owners of Beachplace Condominiums in Longboat Key, Florida, can continue to enjoy their beautiful, beachfront property without worrying about pipe leaks or cracks. NuFlow’s trenchless structural drain liner was inserted into the kitchen and bathroom drain stacks of every condo to prevent future pipe leaks and breaks.


Project: Rehabilitate cast iron vertical drain stacks and prevent future leaks with NuFlow’s trenchless, cured-in-place structural drain liner.


Customer: Beachplace Condominium Association in Longboat Key, Florida.


Site: 11 buildings of the Beachplace condos, which includes 312 units on about 31 acres of manicured land. Each building has six floors of residential units mostly owned by seasonal retirees. The condos were built in 1984.


System: More than a mile of cast iron vertical drain stacks hidden by drywall and concrete. The piping systems lined were the condos’ kitchen and bathroom drain lines. These 26-year-old pipes ranged from 3 inches to 4 inches in diameter.


Situation: The condo owners experienced a worsening trend of broken cast iron pipes. Beachplace would replace the pipes as they broke, which resulted in tearing down walls and replacing the pipes – a messy and time-consuming process. Beachplace Association General Manager, Nick Luman, noticed that the problem was getting worse each year, and the association decided to install NuFlow’s structural liner into the pipes to prevent future leaks.


Solution: After more than a year of diligence, Nick Luman and the Beachplace Association Board selected NuFlow to restore their pipe systems. This large job was inherently complex and presented early challenges. However, according to Luman, once NuFlow addressed some early issues and provided a dedicated crew, things moved forward very smoothly.

The NuFlow technicians inserted our cured-in-place drain liner through pipe access points at the roof and the first floor parking lots, having to open some walls inside condos only when there was a problem. Luman remarked that “When there was a problem, NuFlow took care of it.” He was very impressed that “NuFlow stuck to the quote and did the work – we did not have to write any change orders.”

It is common to find corroded or broken cast iron pipes in sanitary and other drain systems. Whether you are currently experiencing pipe system problems or if you want to prevent inevitable issues, contact NuFlow to keep your slice of paradise perfect.


“It worked out very well. We didn’t have anyone who was inconvenienced.”

– Nick Luman, General Manager


NuFlow Keeps Drains Flowing For Brewery

Over time, all drain systems develop problems, begin to fail and require attention. Replacing those pipes comes with the need to dig through floors and foundations or to cut through walls to access the pipes, which can be very time-consuming, costly and disruptive. However, this can be avoided with the patented NuFlow process, an in-situ trenchless solution for pipe rehabilitation both underground and in buildings.


Project: Retrofit a failing sanitary sewer system under a brewery.


Customer: Anheuser-Busch, who produces the two best-selling beers in the world, Budweiser and Bud Light, and operates 12 breweries in the United States.


Site: Anheuser-Busch Williamsburg Brewery in Virginia, a 144-acre site with a 1,256,000 square foot floor area that ships approximately 250 truck loads per day.


System: 200 feet of 8″ cast iron sanitary sewer line located deep underneath the brewery.


Situation: The sanitary sewer system under the facility was failing and needed to be replaced without disruption to the brewery’s production and operations.


Solution: NuFlow worked alongside general contractor ESGI to rehabilitate 200 feet of the sanitary sewer system without disruption to the brewery operations. ESGI installed new manholes while NuFlow completed the structural lining of the 8″ line.

NuFlow rehabilitated the pipes with the patented NuDrain process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place. The solution saved the customer from the need to dig up 200 feet of pipe, saving valuable time and money.

Aged and failing pipe systems are common in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, NuFlow is available to restore your peace of mind.

The patented NuFlow process avoids the need to dig or rip out walls to retrofit your pipes. With multiple piping solutions we can rehabilitate any pipe, anywhere.


NuFlow Preserves Historical Building in Beverly Hills

After spending nearly a decade using traditional fixes to prevent an aged wet vent pipe from cracking and releasing stenches, this customer decided to invest in a long-term solution. Although an inversion pipe lining company told the building engineer that the failing pipe system could not be rehabilitated without causing a great deal of destruction to the property, NuFlow completed the project without causing destruction or disruption to the lavish commercial property.


Project: Use the NuDrain CIPP to rehabilitate a failing wet vent system without causing disruptions to the busy and esteemed office space.

Customer: ABM Engineering is a leading facility solution and building maintenance company that provides on-site commercial property maintenance to thousands of clients across the United States and international community.


Site: Almost two acres of beautiful historic property used as commercial real estate space. The building was constructed in 1938 and is located in Beverly Hills, California, across from Beverly Hills City Hall.


System: The wet vent system (a waste system that also serves as a vent system) for the restrooms. These cast iron pipes have a 4-inch diameter and are located throughout the walls and floors in the building. The pipe system includes many elbows, and the pipes are only exposed in the building’s basement.


Problem: The building engineer had received complaints about a sewage smell in the building as soon as he started working there in 2005. For almost 10 years, the building used different traditional repair methods but could never find a long-term solution to prevent cracks in the pipe and rid the building of the sewage smell. A liquid smoke test, performed by another company, revealed the many cracks and leaks throughout the aged pipe system.


Circumvention: If the customer had not chosen NuFlow’s innovative solution to rehabilitate the failing pipe system, the tenants would have experienced a lot of inconvenience. Since the pipes are all hidden throughout the building, a traditional re-pipe would be very destructive and disruptive. The customer also talked to an inversion lining company about this project, the inversion company told the customer that many holes would be dug due to the large amount of 90-degree elbows in the pipe system. All alternatives to NuFlow’s solution would be much more expensive, destructive and time-consuming.


Solution: Engineers at ABM Engineering recommended NuFlow as an effective long-term solution that is ideal for historical buildings. First, the wet vent pipes were thoroughly cleaned with NuFlow’s cutting tools, removing all debris. Next, since only one cleanout was available, NuFlow technicians created an outside cleanout to ease future maintenance on the pipe system. Then, the NuDrain system’s epoxy-soaked liner was installed into the pipe system. The liner cured within a few hours, leaving a protective, seamless pipe inside the original host pipe that sealed all cracks. Thanks to Nu Flow’s patented Pull-in-Place process, the historical building’s foundation, walls and flooring were preserved, and the tenants were not disrupted by a messy and loud construction site. A final liquid smoke test was performed and the results showed that there were no more breaches in the pipe system, leaving the customer extremely satisfied with our work.


“For us to be convinced that it was 100 percect fixed, we did a liquid smoke test and they could not find leaks anywhere. And that was a good feeling. The NuFlow system worked!”

– Roobik Asadorian, Building Engineer, ABM Engineering


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