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Small diameter pipe repair

NuCure CCUV Shines with Benefits

NuCure Cold Cure UV shines with benefits for the installer. The UV lining system from NuFlow cures liners in just 10 minutes, dramatically reducing curing times, so the installer can line more pipes in less time. Line ...
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NuFlow Inversion Pipe Lining

NuTube Inversion Equipment Wins More Jobs for Contractors

NuTube Inversion equipment is designed to give the installer full control of the lining process. Each tool was created with the operator in mind, featuring enhanced safety components and unique attachments to make the lining process safe ...
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NuFlow Certified Contractor

Pipe Lining Provides Options for Customers and Profit for Contractors

New Revenue Stream with Good Margins When Aaron Simpson opened his plumbing company, I Fix Pipe in 2019, he knew he wanted to add pipe lining to his list of services. “It’s a better option for the ...
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UV CIPP Curing Cookie

What Baking Cookies Tell Us About Light Curing

Let’s all get on the same wavelength here. Light curing is a leap forward in pipe lining, improving consistency in the final liner, speeding installation times, lowering technician labor costs, and reducing risk by enhancing control over ...
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NuFlow Certified Contractors

Choosing the Right Pipe Lining Partner

Friends and co-workers Greg Copas and Spencer Drake shared a vision of opening their own plumbing company and running things differently than their previous employer. One of those differences was adding pipe lining to their list of ...
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