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“Get your guys out of the trenches and make yourself more profitable.”

In his first year as a NuFlow Certified Contractor, Jeff Lane generated nearly $1 million dollars in lining revenue. As the owner and operator of King Rooter & Plumbing in Denver, he wasn’t interested in adding pipe ...
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CIPP Has Definitely Not Left the Building

While industry attention is often focused on pipelines outside the building, lining technologies have been proving their worth rehabilitating the untold kilometers of pipes found inside the building envelope for decades. Rehabilitating the intricate drain pipe network ...
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NuTherm Heat Assist

NuTherm Provides Smart Solutions to Speed Curing Times

NuFlow is proudly offering a new line of NuTherm heat assisting equipment to provide contractors smart solutions to speed curing times. The NuTherm Hybrid Heat Assist generates steam or hot water in one device. Usable for inversion ...
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“I love NuFlow’s commitment to quality and improvement.”

Brendan Macfarlane had the idea to open a pipe lining business after his girlfriend’s (now wife) condo building suffered a plumbing issue that required all of the pipes to be replaced. “It was an $11,000 special assessment ...
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NuFlow Ensures Quality Assurance for their Certified Contractors

NuFlow is committed to making their Certified Contractors the premier CIPP installers in the industry. As part of that commitment, they are now offering a Field Quality Assurance software, to their network of Certified Contractors. The customized ...
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