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2023 NuFlow Pipe Lining Investment

Into 2023 and Beyond

Recession or not, here we come.   “The function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” - John Kenneth Galbraith We’ve all heard the news of an impending recession in 2023. So is this the ...
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Burger franchise

Franchises are for Burgers

Why business structure matters for pipe liners It’s often assumed that NuFlow operates as a franchise business, since some of our partners use NuFlow in their business name. And while there are some benefits to operating as ...
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NuFlow Certified Contractors

NuFlow Builds Strong Pipe Lining Installers

How to get started with NuFlow? NuFlow provides turnkey start up kits with everything contractors need to hit the ground running. Their patented lining technology is designed to make the lining process easy, but a product is ...
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NuCure CCUV Line pipes

NuCure CCUV Lines Pipes in Record Time

Blockages and continual sewer backups were creating havoc for a complex of residential living towers in Nimes, France. Built in the 1970s, the building’s 19-story vertical drain stacks were corroding and needed to be renovated. However, the ...
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NuFlow CIPP Pipe Lining Patents

Patented For A Reason

Who cares about patents? If you’re thinking about lining small diameter pipe, you probably should. Patents aren’t just for bragging rights, they often indicate a better way of doing things, and in this case, they indicate a ...
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