Pipe Lining Provides Options for Customers and Profit for Contractors

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New Revenue Stream with Good Margins

When Aaron Simpson opened his plumbing company, I Fix Pipe in 2019, he knew he wanted to add pipe lining to his list of services. “It’s a better option for the customers and the profit margins are higher than any other service we offer. “

Aaron previously worked for a company that was a NuFlow Certified Contractor. Aaron had worked with the product himself, so he knew the level of quality that NuFlow provided. However, due to a non-compete arrangement, he had to try other pipe lining products on the market. Aaron explained that they didn’t live up to his expectations, “I tried other companies, but the products were more complicated. I chose NuFlow for their product and the knowledge of their team.”

NuFlow’s CIPP lining is a patented process designed for a reliable cure every time. Other products must avoid violating the patents, which can result in sub-standard approaches that may fail to navigate bends, leave gaps between the host pipe and the liner, or end with straight-up liner failure. Aaron quickly found that NuFlow was a better partner for his pipe lining business, and he became a Certified Contractor himself. “Anyone on the fence about joining NuFlow… jump in with both feet. I can’t find a reason not to do it. I was just trying to get back in.”

Over the years, Aaron and his team have utilized NuFlow’s advanced training and job support. “The best training was on the job site. Real world situations mean so much more. We call the NuFlow team to go over projects all the time. Their experience is so valuable, the team really knows the product and how to use it.”

UV Pipe Lining is a Game Changer

Aaron has also continued to invest in new equipment. “We were going to add another crew, but then we got the NuCure CCUV. UV helped us scale with labor shortages. That crew is doubling the output, so I didn’t need another lining team.”

Today, Aaron has continued to grow the pipe lining side of his business. “About 50% of our work is now pipe lining. We subcontract work from other plumbers in the area, some of them call me for help every week. We’ve also started booking larger and more technical projects, including quite a few six figure jobs. There are no drawbacks when it comes to lining.”

Contractor Doubles Revenue in First Year with NuFlow

Pipe Lining for the Long Term

Should I add Pipe Lining to my List of Plumbing Services?


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