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Friends and co-workers Greg Copas and Spencer Drake shared a vision of opening their own plumbing company and running things differently than their previous employer. One of those differences was adding pipe lining to their list of services. “We originally saw the need for pipe lining, so we could repair sewers without having to excavate city streets,” explained Greg.  He had some experience with pipe lining, so he knew the benefits that it provided to customers. The duo decided to take the leap and opened Big Cat Plumbing in Florence, CO in January 2021.

After doing some research and testing many pipe lining products on the market, they decided to sign up with NuFlow Technologies. “The biggest reason why we went with Nuflow is because of the support that we got from the very beginning. The direct contact with the trainers and support team has been really impressive,” according to Spencer.

In their first year as a NuFlow Certified Contractor, the company has already seen tremendous success bidding and executing large projects.  A 41-unit condo complex near a ski resort called Big Cat Plumbing to repair their damaged sewer pipes. Built in the 1960s, the drain vents and under slab cast iron in each of the units were all suffering from pipe failure. In addition, there is asbestos in the walls, so the property managers needed a solution to repair the pipes with minimal disruption. Pipe lining with Big Cat Plumbing was the obvious choice. The guys invested in the NuCure Cold Cure UV system, so they could execute the project before ski season. The project has also led to more opportunities for the coming year.

Now entering their third year in business, the duo couldn’t be happier with their choice. Spencer adds, “The profitability of pipe lining has been a huge part of our success. It’s allowed us to invest in more equipment and hire more people. And it gives us a unique advantage over our competitors because no one else in the market is offering it.”

While adding pipe lining was a great tool to add to their portfolio, Greg and Spencer agree that choosing the right partner was also an important factor. “Absolutely do it, but make sure you do it with a company like NuFlow because of the support they offer. We wouldn’t have landed some of the bigger jobs and wouldn’t be as successful getting the projects done if it wasn’t for their support. The most valuable thing about NuFlow is contacting someone directly and getting a response right away.”

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