NuTube Inversion Equipment Wins More Jobs for Contractors

NuFlow Inversion Pipe Lining

NuTube Inversion equipment is designed to give the installer full control of the lining process. Each tool was created with the operator in mind, featuring enhanced safety components and unique attachments to make the lining process safe and successful, no matter what the job site requires.

Inversion vs Pull-in-Place Installation

NuTube Inversion equipment opens doors for contractors to win more projects when pull-in-place is not a viable solution. Contractors have already seen the benefits of the inversion products and the versatility it provides for their customers.

The Right Tools for Every Job

Thomas Suwanmaneedang from NuFlow Trenchless Spokane invested in the NuTube Inversion Hybrid Drum. He explains, “In our area, we don’t have downstream access in 99% of our jobs. With only a single point of access, it is much easier to use the inversion equipment because it is a better means of access.”

Since all NuFlow equipment comes with comprehensive training, Thomas and his team worked with a NuFlow trainer on their first job with the product. “Training was excellent. The trainer’s style is thorough, but not overbearing. He gave the guys the opportunity to learn on their own and ask questions, so they could really understand the process.”

The new equipment was a success for Thomas and his team. “On our very first job, the drum did exactly what it should have. We lined a 68’ line with no downstream access. The single shot was super smooth.” He added that the NuTube Inversion equipment also saved them time and a lot of hassle on the project. “Another nice part is that we avoided road closure, pulling permits, and bringing out any excavation equipment. We got the job done in half a day with ambient cure (in the snow). I had scheduled a 10-hour day for the project, so the guys were happy to finish early and get inside to warm up. And we paid for a half of the equipment with that first job.”

Lindsey Rushing of Peerless Plumbing/NuDrain Phoenix also agrees that the NuTube Inversion equipment is helpful for their team. “We purchased the NuTube Hybrid Drum and the smaller NuTube Drum Light. We use them when we don’t have two access points for pull-in-place.”

She added, “We love the portability of the little one. It is easy to pick it up and carry wherever we need it, so it is really great to use for residential projects.”

For over 20 years, NuFlow Technologies has specialized in the small-diameter pull-in-place lining process. When they decided to venture into inversion, they wanted to partner with the best. KrasoTech GmbH builds their equipment with the finest German craftsmanship and tests each product up to three times its working pressure. NuFlow is excited to exclusively offer their line of inversion equipment to the North American market.

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