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NuFlow provides turnkey start up kits with everything contractors need to hit the ground running. Their patented lining technology is designed to make the lining process easy, but a product is only as good as the person installing it. Over the years NuFlow has developed a training program to ensure their contractors have an in depth understanding of the pipe lining process and their product.

The onboarding process begins with a series of practice lining sessions using a mock rig and video tutorials, so a contractor can familiarize themself with the process and be prepared with questions once their NuFlow trainer arrives. Then a NuFlow trainer comes to your location for a week of classroom-style sessions, hands-on learning projects, as well as executing pre-booked customer projects. Experience is the best learning tool and navigating different obstacles on a job site is an important part of the learning process. The NuFlow trainer is there to supervise the project, answer questions, and give advice while your team completes the work.

The final step of the certification process is for the contractor to complete three projects on their own and submit quality assurance documents with before and after videos to the NuFlow training team. Once these are reviewed, the official Certified Contractor credentials are mailed to the team members. By the end of the process, your team will be capable and confident to continue lining projects on their own.

Adding pipe lining to your list of services not only provides more options for your customers, but it can be the most profitable service in your toolbox. NuFlow’s Certified Contractor program is designed to develop strong installers, so you can start booking higher-margin projects to expand your business and make more money.  NuFlow also offers continuing education and advanced training opportunities for journeyman and master level pipe liners. Plus, the NuFlow 24/7 technical job support team is always there when you have questions.

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