NuCure CCUV Lines Pipes in Record Time

NuCure CCUV Line pipes

Blockages and continual sewer backups were creating havoc for a complex of residential living towers in Nimes, France. Built in the 1970s, the building’s 19-story vertical drain stacks were corroding and needed to be renovated. However, the complex is made up of four buildings that are at full capacity, so the property managers needed a way to fix the drain problems without displacing the tenants.

NuFlow France presented a solution to line the pipes using NuCure Cold Cure UV technology. Because the UV technology cures the liner in just ten minutes, the owner could avoid the hassle of coordinating long production schedules and potentially displacing the tenants.

NuFlow France lined the cast iron vertical drain stacks using NuFlow’s Precision Push/Pull-In Place installation method. This gave them a perfect placement of the liners in the vertical stacks while still “gapping” the connections. The gapping process allowed for an immediate return to service without having to deal with reinstatement with robotic or lateral branch cutters. Each segment was lined using a 35-foot light core to cure each section of the liner. Since each curing process was just 10 minutes, they could line many 35-foot segments in a single day, and always leave the pipes in working order. By gapping the connections they alleviated the hassle and stress associated with having to reinstate all the branch connections before leaving the worksite at the end of each day.

The NuCure Cold Cure UV system helped the team to complete the difficult project with ease.  “The NuCure system is so fast and efficient, we got the project done in record time,” said Romain Garcia, Project Manager at NuFlow France. By using the UV system, they not only saved the customer time and hassle, but with the shortened production time, they saved a lot of money. “We love that we can say to our customers – it’s possible with NuFlow!”

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