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Why Do CIPP Certifications Matter?

NSF International and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) are probably organizations you’ve heard of – but know little about. In the pipe lining industry, you’ll see materials labeled or companies claiming to be certified NSF ...
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How to Prevent Legionnaires’ disease in Hospitals?

An estimated 10 to 15 thousand people develop Legionnaries’ disease in the United States each year and sadly, 5 to 15% of these cases prove to be fatal. Outbreaks are often associated with large or complex water ...
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3 Things to Know and Budget Before You Have a Pipe Problem

Knowing your building and its pipes is an important step in maintaining your property’s health. Whether you own or manage a condo, a ranch style home or an apartment know these three things before you encounter a ...
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Why Adhesion is Critical in a CIPP Lining Job?

In the pipe lining industry, the adhesion of the lining material to the host pipe is crucial for the success of the job. If the lining material does not adhere to the pipe, the job is not ...
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Rebates Now Available for Renewing North America’s Private Piping Infrastructure

Look no further, homeowners and businesses can now get a rebate check from Nu Flow Technologies, a leading pipe renewal manufacturer, if they install either Nu Drain Structural Lining for non-pressurized systems or Nu Line Epoxy Barrier ...
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