Why is Water The New Gold?

From political debates to world wide celebrated events to the Flint Michigan crisis – water has been front and center in many discussions. Flint Michigan’s lead contaminated water has raised many questions regarding not only water quality but also the state of the aging pipe infrastructure world wide. In addition to Flint’s water crisis, within the last few months we have celebrated World Water Day, Water Week, Earth Day, and Drinking Water Week – water is the key issue of today.

World Water Day is a part of a United Nations campaign to raise awareness about water scarcity and safety around the globe. In a statement to commemorate World Water Day U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki—moon said that, “to address the many challenges related to water, we must work in a spirit of urgent cooperation, open to new ideas and innovation, and prepared to share the solutions that we all need for a sustainable future.” With our potable lining product possess the innovation to make a difference in providing the world with a solution to safe, clean drinking water.

As one of 500 exhibiting companies at this years WWETT show, we demonstrated and educated exhibitors about our potable lining product that is an innovative and safe solution for water contaminated by lead. The WWETT show in Indianapolis is an annual trade show dedicated toward water and wastewater equipment and treatment which showcases environmental service professionals like Nu Flow.

In light of all the publicity and events dedicated towards water – how do we solve the problem of providing clean water?

There’s an argument that the value of gold is leagues behind the value of water. Water is the new gold. According to the World Health Organization, for every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return between $3 and $34. That’s an incredible return on investment!

Educating others about pipe infrastructure is critical in moving forward toward safe water. Homeowners and property managers sometimes view piping as, ‘out of sight and out of mind.’ However, in order to prevent another Flint, Michigan tragedy, we need to bring to light the serious issues of pipes in our communities. Understanding pipes is just the beginning. As a company we strive toward being one of those contributing companies that makes water around the world safe through the products we manufacture and install. 


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