Lining for the Long Term

“The training was excellent, so it was easy to get started,” said Ray Michaels of Maui Plumbing. NuFlow doesn’t sell its equipment to anyone other than its network of trained certified contractors. The goal is simple — to ensure that anyone installing NuFlow technologies has the know-how and equipment they need to solve customer problems the right way, the first time.

The NuFlow Certified Contractor logo isn’t just a logo – it signifies an investment in continuing education, training, customer satisfaction, and a long-term commitment to being the best lining installers possible.

The process typically starts with hands-on training at NuFlow facilities, but NuFlow is famous for on-site and field training as well as their online training portal.

“We send everyone in our field crew to NuFlow training. Every time they go, you can see a considerable difference in their level of skill and their confidence on the job.” — Ray Michaels, Maui Plumbing

The NuFlow team works to cultivate and support pipelining professionals through every phase of development: from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master, from preparing a job site to installing a small-diameter connection liner, from reading plans to estimating a scope of work, and from managing multiple crews to deploying the various NuFlow technologies.

“Rik came up and did our initial training in house at the shop. After that, we did a handful of jobs on our own, then went to San Diego for the advanced training. Since then, we’ve sent 3 or 4 more guys to the apprenticeship training.” — Mike Lomonaco, Lomonaco Coast Plumbing

To enhance educational opportunities and experience, NuFlow has built full-size renditions of actual piping scenarios for both vertical and horizontal systems to practice on. This allows technicians to get “hands-on” with their learning as well as participate in classroom-style seminars.

To ensure ongoing education and training, NuFlow Central is an online portal available to all certified contractors that features resources and assets to assist all contractors, no matter their level of experience. It features an online learning management system containing hundreds of hours of training courses and video content, online tests and training course management tools for the whole team, from newbies to advanced lining technicians.

  • Convenient learning. Access NuFlow courses on your schedule from any device
  • “Ask an Expert” online forum
  • Audio available for courses when you are on the go
  • Reinforce knowledge with quizzes and certifications
  • Create discussions with others to communicate or exchange ideas
  • Search content
  • View upcoming NuFlow events

NuFlow Central also stores recorded webinars and training video sessions with team members, as a warehouse of knowledge and tips that are working for others.

Being a NuFlow certified contractor is more than just buying lining equipment and getting trained. It means being a part of a family and building a business in association with a brand you can be proud of.

“The culture of NuFlow is what makes this work. They give you a sense of family with the type of support they provide.” — Jayson Arendall, Trenchless Leak Detection


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