Contractor Doubles Revenue in First Year with NuFlow

Mike Lomonaco

Mike Lomonaco has successfully operated his company, Lomonaco Coast Plumbing, for over 10 years. Mike grew up with a “hammer in his hand”, working for his father’s general contracting business and later finding plumbing as his preferred trade. Throughout the last decade, Lomonaco Coast Plumbing has established itself as an honest and reliable plumber for the residents in San Clemente and Laguna Beach, CA. While his company has stayed busy with plenty of service calls, he often found himself having to sub-out pipe lining jobs to other contractors. One of those companies was Perry Plumbing, a NuFlow Certified Contractor from San Diego. Mike says, “I was super impressed with their work and how they ran their team. The process was really hands on, I like that you can double check your work and verify tie-ins.”

When comparing NuFlow to other lining companies, Mike thought the quality of NuFlow’s product and their pull-in-place installation method was the best option in the market. “Pull-in-place is the way to go. There is no loud equipment, so the work environment is calm and not rushed. We’re not yelling back and forth, but we are working together. Plus, the price point to enter is good. Without inversion equipment you can start dropping liners for relatively cheap and make up your investment right away.”

In November 2020, Mike and his team completed their initial training to become a NuFlow Certified Contractor. In one year, they have doubled their revenue. “I think we made our initial investment back by the second job. We were making a profit within the first couple of months. Now, we more than double our monthly revenue on a regular basis, sometimes up to quadruple revenue versus just plumbing work alone. Instead of subbing out lining work, now we are getting calls from other contractors to do the work”, said Mike.

Since becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor, Lomonaco Coast Plumbing has continued to take advantage of NuFlow’s training and 24/7 job support. The team is working through NuFlow’s advanced training courses, as well as sending new team members to NuFlow’s apprentice training courses. Mike says, “The technical support and family atmosphere at NuFlow are really valuable. Being able to call the team and get a response right away is so helpful. NuFlow is the whole package.“ Becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor has proved to be a successful business decision for Lomonaco Coast Plumbing. They are booking 4 to 10 pipe lining jobs per month through networking, second opinions, and an interactive social media presence.


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