“I love NuFlow’s commitment to quality and improvement.”

Brendan Macfarlane had the idea to open a pipe lining business after his girlfriend’s (now wife) condo building suffered a plumbing issue that required all of the pipes to be replaced. “It was an $11,000 special assessment to each owner and 8 months of disruption where they planned on tearing open walls, replacing the pipe, and refinishing”, as Brendan recalls. At the time, he was working as a field engineer on large industrial projects repairing piping systems. He thought there must be a less invasive way to repair the pipes for inside the building applications as well.

He found that the technology existed, but nobody was implementing it on complex projects in his area.  “When I started the business, it was too late for my wife’s condo tower, but I tell her that her $11,000 special assessment was the initial investment in Revive Pipes.”

Brendan decided to partner with NuFlow Technologies for his new company. “I liked the capabilities of NuFlow’s product.” He was also impressed by the technical knowledge of the NuFlow team. “I was focused on complex inside the building projects. As an engineer, I wanted technical information on the process. Some of the other lining companies just seemed focused on sales.”

Brendan earned his initial investment back within the first year. He focused on research, education, and performing high quality work – leaning on the technical support and training from NuFlow in the early years. Now, eleven years later, Revive Pipes has become the foremost experts in lining sewer pipes in complex configurations in Western Canada. “Our investment in education and specialized equipment allows us to perform projects that most companies in North America can’t do.”

“I love NuFlow’s commitment to quality and improvement. Their emphasis on research and development of new products and materials is exciting. Revive Pipes is focused on performing high-quality work and not cutting corners -NuFlow helps us achieve that.”

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