NuFlow Ensures Quality Assurance for their Certified Contractors

NuFlow Ensures Quality Assurance for their Certified Contractors

NuFlow is committed to making their Certified Contractors the premier CIPP installers in the industry. As part of that commitment, they are now offering a Field Quality Assurance software, to their network of Certified Contractors.

The customized software is a tool created to simplify quality assurance and professionalism of project management. It is the perfect tool to collect data, distribute safety-related documentation, and send alerts to your people in the field. The NuFlow Field QA system efficiently and effectively manages the planning, scheduling and assignment of tasks to your crews. It simplifies and documents quality control by capturing on-site records including full assurance data such as date and time stamps and photographs. NuFlow has worked with AppCan to provide interactive checklists and step-by-step pipe lining guides to follow, ensuring that no steps are missed that might affect the quality of the installation.

NuFlow’s customized content includes quality control initiatives like interactive checklists for pre-wet out, vertical and horizontal connection lining, NuCure CCUV and heat assist projects, as well as an epoxy resin calculator. AppCan simplifies the collection of specific data from job sites and records on NuFlow’s custom digital forms. This helps to ensure quality assurance and quality control processes are followed by collecting information directly from the job site. The data can then be pushed live from site to the portal for easy distribution. Uploading data documentation from the field in real time keeps project managers and clients up to date, while saving the field installers valuable time. Managers can easily share detailed job specific documentation with teams on site including reference materials—checklists, manuals, permits, etc. All of the documentation is then stored in NuFlow’s custom portal to file, store, and analyze all data within the portal and allows the contractor to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly exports via email.

The Field QA system, as well as the comprehensive training and 24/7 job support that NuFlow is known for, represents a commitment to quality for their network of Certified Contractors and the CIPP industry.

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