NuTherm Provides Smart Solutions to Speed Curing Times

NuTherm Heat Assist

NuFlow is proudly offering a new line of NuTherm heat assisting equipment to provide contractors smart solutions to speed curing times. The NuTherm Hybrid Heat Assist generates steam or hot water in one device. Usable for inversion and pull-in-place applications, it provides the installer the power to adjust the curing process to accommodate different lining materials, field variables, and jobsite requirements.

NuTherm’s fast heat production creates the appropriate water or steam quality in minutes, including wet or dry steam conditions. It allows the installer to program an optimal heating curve for each project, an ideal solution when dealing with sensitive materials. Once the desired program is entered into the digital screen, the NuTherm Hybrid Heat Assist regulates the temperature and pressure plan automatically by adjusting heat, holding, and cool down phases to ensure level pressure throughout the cure.

This smart device also provides complete documentation of all data to ensure quality assurance standards are met. The data collected is taken from both the front and back end of the lining, monitoring for pressure and temperature levels. NuTherm makes reporting requirements easy for project managers and engineering teams.

The NuTherm Hybrid Heat Assist works in tandem with the NuTherm Water unit. This water treatment tool optimizes production of the heat assist unit by eliminating impurities traveling through the system. It protects the unit from any potential build-up in the heating coil to protect your equipment in hard water environments.

NuFlow partnered with German-based company, KrasoTech GMBH, to bring the NuTherm line of equipment to their network of Certified Contractors. NuTherm combines innovative and intelligent design specifically for pipe rehabilitation. It provides the installer the power to control every cure with precision.

NuTherm Heat Assist

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