What are the Benefits of UV Pipe Lining?

UV CIPP, or Ultraviolet Cured-in-Place Pipe, is a technology used in the rehabilitation and repair of underground sewer and water pipelines. It offers several benefits compared to traditional pipe repair and replacement methods.

Minimal Disruption

One of the primary advantages of UV CIPP is that it minimizes disruption to the surrounding area. Since it involves curing a liner within the existing pipe, there is no need for extensive excavation or trenching, which can be disruptive and costly.


UV CIPP can be more cost-effective than traditional methods, such as open-cut pipe replacement. The reduced labor and material costs associated with excavation and replacement contribute to cost savings.

Speed of Installation

UV CIPP can be installed quickly. NuFlow’s NuCure Cold Cure UV curing process takes only 10 minutes to harden the liner, allowing for a faster turnaround and less downtime for the affected infrastructure.


The UV CIPP liner is durable and long-lasting. It can extend the lifespan of the rehabilitated pipe, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements in the future.

Improved Flow Capacity

The smooth, seamless lining created by UV CIPP improves flow capacity within the rehabilitated pipe. This can lead to better hydraulic performance and reduced risk of blockages and backups.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Since UV CIPP minimizes excavation and the need for new materials, it can have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional repair methods. It also reduces the likelihood of soil contamination.


UV CIPP can be used to rehabilitate a wide range of pipe materials, including concrete, clay, PVC, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications and pipe sizes.

Corrosion Resistance

The UV CIPP liner is resistant to corrosion, which is a common issue in older pipelines. This corrosion resistance extends the lifespan of the rehabilitated pipe.

Quality Control

UV CIPP allows for precise quality control during installation. Technicians can monitor and adjust the curing process to ensure a uniform and reliable liner.

Reduced Maintenance

The improved condition and longevity of UV CIPP-rehabilitated pipes can lead to reduced maintenance costs over the long term.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

UV CIPP installations often meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards for pipe rehabilitation, ensuring that the repaired infrastructure complies with safety and environmental requirements.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness and benefits of UV CIPP can vary depending on factors such as the condition of the existing pipe, the specific UV curing system used, and the expertise of the installation crew. Before choosing UV CIPP for pipe rehabilitation, a thorough assessment of the project’s requirements and conditions should be conducted to determine if it is the most suitable solution. And make sure to look for a NuFlow Certified Contractor to ensure a professional installation.

NuCure Cold Cure UV Pipe Lining System

NuFlow’s NuCure is the Superior UV Pipe Lining Solution

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