Prepping Pipes for Football Season

Pipe lining saves football stadium drains

Amid the anticipation of an upcoming football season, an Alabama university found itself facing an unexpected challenge. The stadium’s vital sewer lines were in dire need of attention, with some buried deep beneath layers of concrete. In a race against time, the university enlisted the expertise of NuFlow Certified Contractor, Premier Services, to undertake a quick pipe rehabilitation project.

Preparations for the upcoming football season were in full swing at an Alabama university. Among the various improvements on their stadium checklist, routine maintenance and cleaning of their sewer lines was an essential task. However, upon closer inspection of the plumbing system, it became evident that some of the lines needed more extensive attention.

Three specific lines were the most troublesome. The initial pipe ran directly beneath the field, right along the 50-yard line. With plans already underway to replace the sod, the maintenance crew replaced the pipe without any problems. The situation was a bit more intricate for the other two pipes, so they sought the expertise of a local NuFlow Certified Contractor, Premier Services.

The Premier Services team conducted a thorough assessment of the pipe conditions. The 8” concrete pipes, encased 10-12 feet deep beneath layers of concrete and rebar within the stadium’s breezeways, were dangerously close to collapsing. Premier Services presented their findings along with a project proposal to line the pipes to the university. With the new school year and football season starting in the next month, the school deemed it an emergency and approved the project right away.

The Premier Services team got to work by cleaning the pipes to prepare for the pipe lining. A NuFlow trainer was on site to offer job support as well. By utilizing existing access points in the plumbing system, the team shot a 143’ and 90’ line with a NuTube Inversion Single Sluice, without any excavation or destruction to the stadium. They followed with a Hachler robotic cutter to reinstate the lateral connections.

The entire pipe rehabilitation project, from initial camera to final inspection, took just 8 days to complete. The customers were happy that they didn’t have to tear up their stadium or face any delays before football season. As proud season ticket holders themselves, the team at Premier Services couldn’t be more pleased with the success of the project either.

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