Sewer Lining: 5 things you need to know before you start

Sewer pipes are an important necessity for a functioning household in North America. Without sewer pipes, wastewater control would be an almost impossible concept. That is why cleaning and lining your sewer pipes is important. Lining the pipelines is imperative to increase life expectancy in the pipeline and save them from physical damages.

Sewer lining is an ideal process for fixing sewer lines. Nu Flow Technologies offers a lining technology known as Nu Drain. Nu Drain is a trenchless pipe lining solution for small diameter pipelines.

When lining anything it is important to make sure every aspect and detail aligns in order to properly go through with process.

Before you line your pipes here are some things to take into account.

  1. Host Pipe Size (diameter)

It is important to know the diameter of the host pipe in order to have the appropriate pipe lining products supplied in time for the project.

  1. Type of pipe

Whether it is clay, concrete, metal, iron steel or PVC, Nu Drain can be used on them.

  1. Measure length of pipe needed to line

Important to know the length of host pipe when preparing the liner and resin.

  1. Access to the pipe

It is necessary for pipelines to have at least one-access points in order to line the pipes without causing destruction to the surfaces.

  1. Connections (pipes coming into the main pipe that’s being lined)

Knowing where connections are allows for proper preparation. Nu Drain can be used when there are connections and can be gapped or reinstated after the process.

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