Nu Flow Technologies Proprietary Cleaning and Reinstating Tools Now Available to Public

Nu Flow Technologies Inc., a world-leading pipe lining manufacturer and distributor offers Pneumatic Micro-Cutter, Electric Micro-Cutter and interchangeable cutting, cleaning and reinstating heads  available for purchase by the general public.

Since inception, Nu Flow Technologies’ tools were only available to those who licensed the Nu Drain technology to rehabilitate failing piping systems.

Nu Flow Technologies offers a variety of cleaning tools and technologies in addition to their licenses including:

  • Pneumatic Micro-Cutter
  • Electric Micro-Cutter
  • Flexible Shaft Cables

Interchangeable Cutting and Cleaning Heads

The Pneumatic Micro-Cutter is used to clean and remove pipe debris, calcite, and roots from the inside of a variety of pipes including steel, cast iron and orangeburg. The system rotates at approx. 2000 RPM and will negotiate turns of 90 degrees in pipes down to 2” in diameter.

The Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter from Nu Flow is light, compact, user-friendly and can negotiate turns of 90 degrees. Designed for indoor use of commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings where it is difficult for pneumatic access, the cutter is best suited when little cleaning and reinstating is necessary. The foot pedal activated cutter runs at 110 volts with variable speeds in a variety of pipes.

Both Micro-Cutters allow for Nu Flow Technologies’ interchangeable cutting and cleaning heads and flexible shaft cables.

For more information on Nu Flow’s Micro-Cutters visit:

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