What Everyone Ought to Know about Nu Flow Technologies Pipe Renewal Rebate Program

It’s no secret that North America’s piping infrastructure has grown old. It’s all over the news. US Congressional bills such as the PIPE ACT 2016 and the Water Resources Development ACT (WRDA) have brought to light the serious repercussions of aged pipeline incidents such as the contaminated lead water in Flint, Michigan. Pipe leaks and lead contaminated water continues to be big headlines in the news however the larger problem is that our piping infrastructure is failing. Some pipeline systems were designed for a lifespan of 30 to 40 years and those pipes now exceed that lifespan are failing. The purpose of Nu Flow Technologies’ Pipe Renewal Rebate Program is to give an incentive to homeowners and property managers to renew these aging pipes and also to share the message that private piping infrastructure needs an upgrade. This rebate program focuses on Nu Flow Technologies’ Nu Line and Nu Drain – CIPP epoxy products that line and coat the interior of pipes.

1. Protecting the Environment

Nu Flow Technologies’ pipe restoration products are an eco-friendly solution that creates minimal waste for landfills or recycling and does not generates a fraction of the carbon emissions when compared to traditional pipe replacement. Traditional pipe replacement creates tremendous amounts of waste and requires equal amounts of new building materials. By retrofitting existing pipes with CIPP lining, the process saves the existing infrastructure and greatly extends its useful life without digging and destruction of existing landscapes and hardscapes or interior walls and ceilings. In sanitary systems, Nu Drain, the CIPP lining product is used for non-pressurized piping and stops leaks and breaks that otherwise cause pollution to watersheds and contamination of groundwater. Lining also prevents inflows and infiltration into sewer systems, which reduces the load on wastewater treatment facilities.

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2. Monetary Savings

Pipe rehabilitation eliminates corrosion and restores pipes to more efficient operation thus providing saving for  water and electric bills. By eliminating leaks, pipe lining saves water in potable systems and other pressurized mechanical systems that otherwise need a steady supply of make-up water. A less obvious benefit is that by eliminating leaks and removing corrosion, this solution can reduce demand on pumps and thus save electricity. Even in compressed air systems, where significant amounts of pressure can be lost through a small hole in the pipe, a rehabilitated pipe leads to reduced demand on the air compressors, which also saves electricity. The Pipe Renewal Rebate Program offers a 1% to 5% rebate to those in the private sector who have aged and failing pipelines that are either pressured or non-pressurized.

No matter where the system exists, Nu Flow Technologies’ products provide solutions that protect properties, the health of others, and the environment from the destructive impact of failing pipelines. Alyscia Sutch, Marketing and PR Manager of Nu Flow Technologies said, “North America is at a crossroads where we need to make critical decisions about our piping infrastructure. Advancements in technology have made it possible to renew pipes in an environmentally friendly way that is time and cost effective. The Pipe Renewal Rebate Program gives people an incentive to renew their pipes while also sharing the dire situation that the private sector’s piping infrastructure is also in need of an upgrade.”

That’s what the rebate program is all about. Through the products Nu Flow Technologies manufactures they strive towards solving the world’s aging pipe infrastructure one pipe lining job at a time.

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