Add Profit with Pipelining

Add Profit with Pipelining

Plumbing and drain cleaning businesses can add high-margin revenue with pipe lining.

If you’re looking to expand your business and increase your revenue, adding pipelining to your list of services can be a smart move. Pipelining is a growing market, and offering this service can help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. Cost-effective and minimally invasive solutions win over customers.

If your customers are experiencing issues like sewer odor, leaks, or reoccurring blockages, they may be looking for a solution that doesn’t involve excavation or major disruption to their property. Why pass these opportunities off to excavators or another lining company? Offering a trenchless pipe repair service can provide them with a cost-effective, minimally invasive solution that solves their problems quickly and add high margin revenue to your business.

A Better Option

NuFlow Certified Contractor, Aaron Simpson of I Fix Pipes, notes “[Pipe lining] a better option for the customers and the profit margins are higher than any other service we offer.”

NuDrain CIPP and NuCure Cold Cure UV start up kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get started in trenchless pipelining. Both technologies utilize NuFlow’s signature Precision Pull-in-place installation method, which doesn’t require any expensive excavation or additional equipment, so you can make your investment back quickly. The process is perfect for providing full system rehabilitation options on intricate pipe networks located inside the building.

Quick ROI

Mike Lomonaco, of Lomonaco Coast Plumbing, adds, “I think we made our initial investment back by the second job. We were making a profit within the first couple of months. Now, we more than double our monthly revenue on a regular basis, sometimes up to quadruple revenue versus just plumbing work alone. Instead of subbing out lining work, now we are getting calls from other contractors to do the work.”

All NuFlow start ups comes with comprehensive training to make sure the installer understands the product and the process, and the 24/7 tech support that NuFlow is famous for.

According to Chris McNulty of NuFlow St. Louis, “It was easy to get started! We were already doing sewer investigation work, so once we added pipelining, it just took off.”

In addition to start up training, NuFlow offers continuing education classes, so contractors can continue to build their lining expertise. The NuFlow training team are all experts in the field and offer 24/7 technical job support, Field Quality Assurance software checklists to walk installers through the step of the process, project planning materials, and marketing resources (and leads!) to help build and promote your pipelining service.

The Support NuFlow is Famous For

Greg Copas and Spencer Drake of Big Cat Plumbing agree, “The profitability of pipe lining has been a huge part of our success. It’s allowed us to invest in more equipment and hire more people. And it gives us a unique advantage over our competitors. Absolutely do it, but make sure you do it with a company like NuFlow because of the support they offer.”

Jeff Lane of King Rooter & Plumbing adds, “Get your guys out of the trenches and make yourself more profitable. Lining is a huge part of my business. It really was a game-changer for us. We did almost a million dollars in lining in the first year.”


Go with

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