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Old, broken, blocked or corroded water and sewer/drain pipes are problems often compounded by root intrusion, scale build up, or build up from fats, oils and grease. The pipe lining process is non-invasive, fast, and reliable, and because it uses existing plumbing access points like cleanouts and toilet openings there is little if any damage to the property that needs to be repaired. There’s no need to tear out walls or cut up slabs!

Why Choose Pipe Lining?

Less Hassle

Costs Less


NuFlow Makes it Easy

The pipe lining process utilizes existing plumbing system access points like drain cleanouts and toilets, so we don’t need to trench the yard or tear out walls and ceilings. Old fashioned pipe replacement is expensive, messy, and time consuming.

Trenching landscape and cutting up (and repairing) walls and ceilings typically makes pipe replacement more expensive. Repairing pipes using existing access points almost always costs less than replacement.

Roof and storm drains, in-building drain and water pipes, sewer laterals and mains, vertical drain stacks, sanitary drain, waste and vent systems can all be lined with NuFlow pipe lining technologies.

Sewer and Drain Lining

NuDrain structural lining technology actually enhances the structural strength of the existing host pipe and acts as a stand-alone “pipe within a pipe.”

Lining Technologies for Specialty Pipe Systems

HVAC Systems
Fire Suppression Systems
Chilled Water Applications
Lead Pipe Rehabilitation
Water Risers & Water Mains
Grey Water Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Conduit Piping

Potable Water Pipe Lining

NuLine proven-safe epoxy coating is applied to the interior of the pipe, sealing it and protecting the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the system’s life.



After thousands of restoration projects and millions of feet of lined pipe in everything from residential homes to aircraft carriers, NuFlow has established itself as the company best equipped to handle your pipe restoration needs.

Peerless Plumbing

The turn-around time and method of doing trenchless work save time, money, headache, and create a better end result!

Kevin S.

NuFlow Customer

Lomonaco Coast Plumbing

After hiring 3 separate plumbers to find the issue, Mike was able to both find and repair the main sewer line without tearing up my front patio and lawn.

Ryan M.

NuFlow Customer

NuFlow Indy

I will NEVER trust anyone else with my pipes and property.

Julie W.

NuFlow Customer

Behle Inc.

Awesome customer service. Great job. Very professional. Highly recommend for pipe lining.

Tammy S.

NuFlow Customer

Smith Plumbing/Kansas NuDrain

I highly recommend Kansas NuDrain to anyone thinking of replacing their sewer line. A great alternative to digging and the product is safe and durable.

Angie D.

NuFlow Customer

Pipe Rehab Specialists

They did an excellent job lining and cleaning a sewer pipe and I recommend them 100%

Gwen C.

NuFlow Customer

NuFlow St. Louis

NuFlow fixed a cracked cast iron pipe under our basement floor, which helped us avoid the astronomical costs that would have been involved in jackhammering up the floor.

Jenessa J.

NuFlow Customer


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