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NuFlow International Certified Contractor

Svanbjörg Vilbergsdóttir was tasked by the government of Greenland to oversee small-diameter pipe rehabilitation projects in hundreds of apartment buildings. She needed a solution that provided quality assurance documentation combined with a fast and easy-to-execute process.

“I loved the simplicity of the NuCure UV system and the team fell in love with the equipment. I like that it provides full system lining and how fast UV works in our cold temperatures.”

NuFlow provides installers with a tablet-based Field Quality Assurance System with site evaluation plans and interactive installation checklists.  The system makes collecting and sharing job site data fast and easy.

“Once I learned that it also came with quality assurance documentation – I was sold! As a consultant I can review the data, including before and after videos to grade it and make report right from the portal.”

The NuCure Cold Cure UV push/pull in place lining system cures liners in just 10 minutes, so installers can line more pipes in less time. Plus, all NuFlow equipment comes with comprehensive training, access to the NuFlow Central online learning portal, and 24/7 technical support.

“The training was excellent! And the online portal offers training videos and support, so we can continue to learn on our own time. It’s a simple and easy system to work with, and easy to teach others.”

NuCure CCUV Lines Pipes in Record Time

NuCure CCUV – The Superior UV Solution

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