NuTube Inversion: The Right Tools for Every Job

NuTube Inversion: The Right Tools for Every Job

NuFlow’s NuTube Inversion: The Right Tools for Every Job.

NuFlow aims to provide their network of Certified Contractors with the highest quality materials, technology, and know-how to repair the worst pipe system failures imaginable. The right equipment makes their contractors more competitive in the marketplace, so they win more jobs. NuFlow has teamed up with German-based KrasoTech® GmbH to introduce NuTube Inversion lining system. These tools provide the options for their contractors to tackle every pipe lining problem out there, from small diameter in-building, to long, straight, larger diameter runs.

For over 20 years, KrasoTech has provided innovations for pipe renovation equipment to their partners across the globe. Equipment is constructed with the operator in mind, creating user-friendly materials that provide full control of the lining process and enhanced safety features.

The NuTube Drum Inversion Hybrid features a sluice module attachment that enables pipe rehabilitation of distances beyond the capacity of the drum, creating one device with endless inversion capabilities. The innovative piece of machinery features an easy click flange system without screws or clamps – for a guaranteed faster, easier, and safer seal. Plus, a power shot function helps with especially difficult bends. The product can utilize air, water, steam and light curing for diameters of 9” and below.

NuTube Drum Inversion Light is a simple, but smart inversion drum. Its lightweight aluminum body is ideal for job sites with restricted space. Suited for 8” diameter pipes and below, it works with air, water, steam and UV curing and features an angle adjustment with two standing positions, safety valves and two viewing windows.

NuTube Sluice Inversion includes a patented two-chamber system for endless inversion without pressure loss to protect the liner from unwanted stretching, bruises, wrinkles and folds. Even large nodes, fittings or heating hoses are no problem for the NuTube Sluice. Direct inversion with low pressure and without wind up, it also includes a power shot function for difficult bends and it significantly reduces the longitudinal expansion of flexible liners. Capable of inverting diameters of 12” and below utilizing air, water, steam and UV curing.

The Electro-pneumatic Calibration Unit is a compact unit made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. The product features synchronized drive of calibration rollers with speed adjustment variables and drive rotations both forward and reverse. The automatic electro-pneumatic closing and opening of roller enhances safety, and a memory function on gap adjustment enables precision control. The product is developed for on-site installation set-ups inside vehicles, trailers, or work halls. Includes data documentation of date, time, jobsite, employees, customer, liner data, resin data, impregnation speed, rotation direction, gap adjustment, warnings, error reports, vacuum data for job quality assurance and software integration for NuFlow’s mixing and curing systems.

NuTube Inversion equipment is engineered to the highest possible standards with the finest German craftsmanship and is third party tested to three times its working pressure. All NuFlow equipment comes with comprehensive training and true 24/7 job support.


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