NuFlow Technologies Welcomes Chile Certified Contractor

GLEMFLOW, a leading infrastructure rehabilitation company in Chile recently expanded to include inside building pipe rehabilitation by becoming a NuDrain Certified Contractor.

Initial certification included three weeks on-site training in Santiago, Chile with NuFlow’s Technology Field Consultant Supervisor, Grant Duxbury.

As NuFlow fosters learning and continuing education for all Certified Contractors, we welcomed GLEMFLOWto the Annual Business Summit last month in Las Vegas, along with 120 other Certified Contractors.

After the event, two of GLEMFLOW’s partners, Fernando Tagle (Jr.), Operations Manager – Buildings Division and Andrés Tagle, Business Development Manager went to Florida to join NuFlow’s sister Specialized Pipe Technologies, where they did on-site job shadowing of CIPP lining a vertical drain system with installation crew leader Rik Treamer and Chris Harmon.

“It was a mind blowing experience to see how fast and organized you lined each stack, and today’s job really pushed the boundaries of our expectations in regards to how many stacks can be lined in one day with a great crew as the one we met today. They are going to line 6 long stacks today, that is really amazing!” said Andrés Tagle, GLEMFLOW.


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