NuFlow Summer Road Trip 2020

Ready to Roll!


Demo with Brian’s Plumbing in Wichita Falls, TX
With Lawson Construction in Amarillo, TX. Much better than Zoom!
UV Wyes and Tees with Hi Tech in Edmond, OK
UV Wyes and Tees with Hi Tech in Edmond, OK


Hands on demos with the good folks at Hi Tech in Edmond, OK



In Western Arkansas with Trenchless Leak Detection – adding their third crew!
Cold Cure UV demo with Mr Rooter in Tupelo
Another mind blowing demo of Precision Push/Pull in Place Cold Cure UV with Plumcore in Birmingham.



Great afternoon with Paramount Plumbing team, talking about Precision Push/Pull in Place. Looking forward to years of success!



Meeting with Mr. Rooter in Macon, GA, getting them set up on mobile app and demos of new technology.


Great seeing our friends at RotoRooter Charleston, NC!
The Pipelining Company Aiken SC
Hands on demos at The Pipelining Company Aiken, SC 
Growing tomatoes? Nope, demo of pipe cleaning techniques in Pompano, FL. 
CCUV demo with Pipe Surgeons in Port St Lucie, FL.


2600 miles from home base, 14 days into the NuFlow Summer Tour 2020. More to come!

Connected with PRS for some CCUV training, 3″ on 3″ wye light cure!

Great time with Michael Douglas/Performance Plumbing, another of our Certified Contractors. Educating and learning on CCUV, Precision PIP. Great to have Mike and his industry knowledge become part of the family!
Terrific time with Ricky Skeen, looking forward to getting them into our learning management system and making use of all the resources NuFlow has to offer.

60 plus years of serving northwest Louisiana, Pioneer invested in NuFlow Technology to serve their clients small diameter piping needs. Thanks for your hospitality!
Thank you Brandon and team at Bannister Plumbing in Jacksonville, TX for taking the time to allow us to demo our NuCure Cold Cure UV unit. Here’s to taking CIPP to the next level!

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