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If you’re looking for Nu Flow Reviews, look no further! See what product users say about their experience.

“Being new to this particular industry, the knowledge and skills from sales to installation has helped us renew the water systems in over 150 apartments, 600+ feet of 6” hydronic piping, and 100’s of feet of CIPP all in about two months worth of work. Teaming with Nu Flow was a careful choice and it’s paying off.” – Joe Jaime, Nu Flow Alaska, Anchorage, AK Licensee Since 2012

“My belief was that installing a relining product under my current name was not as dynamic as having the Nu Flow St. Louis designation. This has given customers more confidence and allows for more potential expansions.” – Chris McNulty, Nu Flow St. Louis, MO Licensee Since 2013

“Having been with APL and Nu Flow for over 10 years, our lining division has proven to be one of the strongest sectors of our total business. Our success and offering both technologies allows us to be the chosen provider for alternative pipe restoration in Northwest Texas!”- Allan Lowery, Lowery Plumbing, Heating & A/C, TX Licensee Since 2003

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