Nu Flow Demonstrates Nu Line Live!

Tom Bowman, Director of Technology, Sales & Licensing spoke to industry professionals about innovative ways to renew failing pipes without removal.

In this video you will review Nu Flow Technologies Epoxy Barrier Coating system for pipes to learn how the application works.



History Behind Epoxy Barrier Coatings:

Issues with removing corroded pipes in the U.S are the cost, time and damages that come with piping renovations. However a more cost effective solution was introduced in 1987 with the U.S Navy and American Pipe Lining Inc. (APL) – a company that was just being established. As time progressed APL expanded their market and pipe lining solutions to a more domestic demographic that targeted older and failing water lines. By 2007 Nu Flow Technologies had bought out APL and it is still tending to different markets worldwide.

A common reaction to a lead pipe issue being discovered is the assumption that one must replace all the pipes. That is untrue – in fact in many ways detrimental as this will be costly, time consuming and disruptive. In the recent years pipe lining technology has gained more popularity. Non- Epoxy Barrier Coating is half the price and has a longer life expectancy. For instance Nu Flow Technologies – a lead in manufacturing and licensing company offers a technology called Nu Line, which is available for license to plumbing and mechanical contractors.

Nu Line is an epoxy barrier coating for potable water systems and other pressurized pipe systems. After the pipes are cleaned in place, epoxy is blown into the host pipe to evenly coat the interior of existing pipe thus creating a protective layer between the metal/material and water flowing through. The life expectancy of Nu Line is 100 years, outliving most pipes. This barrier coating will also prevent pinhole leaks and corrosion.

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