A Non-Invasive Solution to Legionella


As a sole source contractor for epoxy lining technology to the United States Navy aboard carrier vessels, Nu Flow is stepping forward to shine hope and light on the issue with its epoxy barrier coating technology, a solution that could be the answer health officials are looking for.

Nu Line epoxy barrier coating technology for pipe systems are manufactured in Ontario, Canada and provide the prevention and transmission of diseases like legionella, which is a major cause for concern in NYC and many other cities. The system is applicable for use in host pipes consisting of metal, iron, steel and concrete with diameters ranging from 1/2″ to 10 and above.

Manufacturer Nu Flow understands that building owners are legally responsible for the health and safety of residents and the need for pipe renewal solutions that are certified and safe for the public.

Nu Flow is the sole source contractor for epoxy lining technology to the United States Navy aboard its carrier vessels. The ships’ copper-nickel waste transfer and discharge piping systems were subjected daily to extremely corrosive salt water and chemical environments. The epoxy barrier is able to withstand harsh environments and last longer than a new pipe due to its life expectancy of over 100 years.

The Nu Line process sandblasts the pipe system to eliminate all debris and buildup in the pipe, which is a harbor for organisms such as legionella to multiply. Without fully removing the nebulas, the likelihood of biofilm forming and organisms returning is very likely.

After cleaning the system, the Nu Line then coats the entire pipe work with a barrier coating that does not allow for scale, tuberculation and consequently organisms to find a safe harboring for growth. Although all strains of the legionella bacteria can be killed easily and quickly within 3 minutes by exposure to temperatures of 70°C (158°F), the Nu Line process avoids the need to spike water temperatures to unsafe levels.

Nu Flow understands the responsibilities building owners and organizations have ensuring clean and safe water, which is why the epoxy barrier coating solution in the fight against legionella is a solution that should be available to all.

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